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Topic: Franchises/Genres That Could Work Well On Wii U

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Been saying it from the beginining, Art Academy U.

The part in the introduction of the console where the girl in drawing Link- let that be Art Academy... Please oh please. I love drawing on the DSi's touchscreen versus a regular Wacom Tablet. With that large, lovely 6.2 inch screen, more room to draw and so much more possibilities.

And if Nintendo can somehow strike a partnership with Adobe to bring Sketchbook Pro to WiiU- I'll be 10x more happy.




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komicturtle92 wrote:

Been saying it from the beginining, Art Academy U.

The part in the introduction of the console where the girl in drawing Link- let that be Art Academy... Please oh please. I love drawing on the DSi's touchscreen versus a regular Wacom Tablet. With that large, lovely 6.2 inch screen, more room to draw and so much more possibilities.

And if Nintendo can somehow strike a partnership with Adobe to bring Sketchbook Pro to WiiU- I'll be 10x more happy.

I don't think the Adobe partnership will happen, but yes oh yes to the rest of it. Art Academy U would be a must have. I've been shying away from U Draw on the basis that it sticks a horrible ugly watermark on your pictures. Art Academy doesn't.

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Oh man Willerz you really tap a vein of mine here! I've also thought about this and how the controller could change or enhance gameplay. Great thread! :D
And special nods to SKTTR and WaltzElf for their great ideas too. :)
So here are some ideas i've come up with so far.

  • Games involving photography (Like Pokémon Snap and Fatal Frame. Maybe even Beyond Good and Evil. Haven't played that one yet.)
  • Games like Kororinpa or Super Monkey Ball. for obvious reasons
  • Sports games: change tactics and give commands to other members of your team without having to pause the game. (like games about Soccer, American football, Basketball, …).
  • Any game where you have to scan your surroundings like in Metroid Prime
  • mini games that are kinda like Game & Watch's Fire and Manhole

I've also got some ideas for poses. Like holding the controller in front of your face like a newspaper, over your head to prevent getting wet from rain or like a tray to pretend you're a waitress.
Maybe they could be used in a (mini) game in which you would have to spy someone. When you notice he will turn around and you're about to be exposed you do one of these poses. In a full game in the style of Roger Rabbit or the Looney / Tiny Toons this could be funny stuff imo. At least these poses could be great for a new Wario Ware game.

Or a part of a game where the main character takes part in a demonstration. You're supposed to write a slogan / paint something on a sign. The demonstration begins and you have to hold it up. The policemen attack you and you have to block their attacks with the sign until you find a chance to escape.

And i think a co-op "Defend the truck" game could work out great.

  • Player 1 uses the Wiimote to steer a truck along a wide ranged mountain path.
  • The car is followed by enemies who want to capture the truck.
  • Player two is on the back of the truck.
  • The terrorists approach the truck from everywhere and player two uses the new controller to shoot and stop ‘em. So it would be a bit like Face Raiders for player 2.

@Wiilerz: I'd really have to see it in action to truly see and understand how this could work well. I'd say it's quite different to the dual screens on the DS and think it could disrupt gameplay on the Wii U. Though i don't hope so of course. :)

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Hey! Another thread for me to tell you I want a bigass monster hunter wiiU with superb online :)

But that scribblenauts suggestion is great too. Yep.

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I think we may finally see a console sequel to The World Ends with You. Just imagine how the combat system could work between those two screens :)
And HD graphics, of course.

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...Advance Wars...just to see some realistic-like tans/artillery/aircraft bomb the crap out of each other in HD. xD
The controller would be great for moving your units. :p

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I'm also hoping for Scribblenauts. But make that 2D. 3D would be way to complicated.
Also, easter eggs are pure epicsauce.

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Saber wrote:

Fire Emblem

Advance Wars for that mater

Retro Studios, go reboot Star Fox. The franchise needs it.

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Call of Duty.

Just for you.
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Scribblenauts, Epic Mickey, and Drawn to Life.

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WaltzElf wrote:

I'd like to see some new game experiences come up: Stuff like Pac Man Vs for multiplayer, where the Pacman has his own screen (the Wii U tablet) and the player ghosts have to track him down.


SKTTR wrote:

1. Realtime top-down strategy games like Command & Conquer and StarCraft.
2. Drawing games/software like Mario Paint and Art Academy.
3. Point & Click adventures like Day of the Tentacle and Hotel Dusk.
4. Games where you have to switch from 3rd into 1st person like Luigi's Mansion or Metroid Other M.


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Sorry WaltzElf, but you did mention Pac Man Vs :P

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Anything could work well if they do it right. =P

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A sequel to Hey You, Pikachu! and Pokemon Snap. Both would execute the new tablet controller. _




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Rift wrote:


I agree okami would be awesome maybe an ultimate ninja title... the possibilities are endless :)

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I agree with Okami, but I do want another Metroid! :)

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RTS games, please. StarCraft would be epic.

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Hmm.....Well, considering the fact that Kid Icarus: Uprising will most likely release around the holidays, part of me wants to say more future Kid Icarus release titles after Uprising to keep to series strong as Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, etc, while another part of me is concerned where Wii remote/nunchuck support is concerned, that Nintendo might only hold such support back on Wii titles alone rather than say maybe some sort of mixed nature of old and new controls for new games; Out with the old, in with the new, right? Thing is, I look at the Wii U controller/tablet pad whatever you wanna call it, and the 1st thing that comes to my mind is how much similar the concept they're going with is like the DS, but with a TV as 1 screen, and the 2nd screen on the controller, which is where my concerns lie. I rather imagined a whole new kid Icarus being playable with a similar control style as Mario/Zelda, etc, on the Wii, as opposed to a 2nd tablet-like scheme, which I'm just not so sure I could imagine myself playing. On the 3DS? Without a shadow of a doubt I'll try my darndest 9withm being more of a left handed writer, really) because I've been waiting so long for Kid Icarus to resurface like this in fresh, current gen 3D style (granted again I would've preferred for the Wii over 3DS). However, with Wii U being announced and possibly prepping for next year/following release, Wii U really only makes sense, in terms of a much more presentable (visual/audio) game. I was actually trying to decide where better to post about this, The Wii threads or here before i saw this topic in hopes of getting more supporters with/behind me to support this series in particular, also in hopes the devs and everyone over at Nintendo actually read, pay attention, and respond to these forums as best they can as their own.

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I can't believe I didn't think of it until today, but 5 player co-op Star Fox could be the next step in the franchise. 4 members of Fox's team on Wii remotes and someone playing as ROB sending out supplies and looking over the battle field, maybe even having some full ship on ship battles.

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