Topic: Do I need motion + for Nintendo Land

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I have 4 wiimotes but none of them have motion + --- will they be compatible

Sorry if this is a stupid question



I read in another post that non motion+ are not supported. Unsure if this is fact or rumour though. Unless I misread it all together

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Kinda makes me upset they never bundled a wii remote in the deluxe — Reggie said he didn't think that was needed because so many wii remotes flying around — but not a lot with m+



Half of them do, at least if you want to play multiplayer. I think I heard there's certain modes in the multiplayer games where you can play singleplayer using the GamePad only.

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I also have the regular Wii remotes with no motion+ Good thing I have the old motion+ jacket thingy

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I have to go to GS soon and trade my wii motes and motion plus to have the built in one

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Thats cool we have a pink and blue that have motion plus built in....but we have two of the old short wiimotes without motion plus as well. I also have one of those stupid thingies you hook on the older wiimotes to make it motion plus....but it just seems to drain the battery to fast!



i am pretty sure all games that are made for the wiiu that uses the wiimote requires motion +

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Not sure. Regardless and just in case, in anticipation for Wii U launch I put all my old remotes in a box and bought 4 brand new black Wii Remote Plus controllers to match my smexy new system. This way I'm completely and totally prepared (along with 4 new nunchucks and a new 1.5TB hard drive).

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Why would they be needed? Not that many games require that much motion to be used.....

Im a big fan of Mario games :)

Im also a nintendo nerd :P
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I think Nintendo has been trying to phase out the old remotes, as Motion+ is basically how they originally wanted the Wiimote to function. They're probably not going to often mention what games need Motion+ anymore, since they don't make the old remotes anymore and are probably considering them part of last gen (still backwards compatible but the current gen Wiimotes are all Motion+). You probably should just upgrade your Wiimotes to be safe, there's no harm in it anyways.

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i remeber that all games on wiiu would be motionplus, so sell those oldies and get newie ones because my 2 white wiimotes are useless ish for the future except the games i do have for the wii now but i got my gold wiimote which is going to be used as a main for wiigames only not wiiU anyways, just needs golden nunchuck to complete with my golden classic controller pro and zelda wiimote

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Well that's disappointing Im going to have to use the motion+ remote jacket all the time....

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Im a big fan of Mario games :)

Im also a nintendo nerd :P
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I initially didn't care for Nintendoland, until reviews showed it was pretty decent so then my mind changed. Now, after hearing this, I dunno anymore. Out of the 3 Wiimotes I have, only one has Motion Plus via adapter. The other two are simple Wiimotes. So, if I wanted to experience some of Nintendoland with others, either I'll have to purchase extra adapters, or by extra Wiimotes that have Motion Plus built in....


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Some of the minigames will require it for multiplayer modes like the Zelda one, others won't require it for multiplayer like Mario Chase and all single player games use just the GamePad. New Super Mario Bros U requires WiiMotes for multiplayer, they don't have to be motion plus but they can't be Pro Controllers either.

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Ideal_Hero wrote:

I believe that you do need motion plus for some games. I guess it's good that I have my golden Wii motion plus remote from Skyward Sword.

That's where I stand right now. I have the Wiimote that came with my launch Wii, another one I got with Wiiplay, and my Gold Zelda one. I dont even have the motion plus dongle for the other ones. Looks like I am going to have to trade the two in for some newer ones with motion plus.

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