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Fri 21st Sep 2012

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ieatghosts commented on Nintendo Opens Legal Proceedings Against HackY...:

@squashie Piracy and copyright laws are not a black and white issues, although major publishers would have you believe that.

It is not 'ruining' the industry. There's a lot of evidence to prove otherwise. If you want a good take on piracy read what Notch has to say (aka Minecraft creator) Also, read what Gabe Newall has to say bout it. Both of these men have made a TON of money without being copyright hounds.



ieatghosts commented on Japanese Import Ban on R4 Cartridges Becomes Law:

Hackers are still trying to figure out how to dump 3DS roms , but haven't yet. It's only a matter of time.

Hackers aren't evil and I will continue to support them — as I will continue to support and BUY good Nintendo titles.



ieatghosts commented on Hands On: Nintendo Land:

This game is looking better by the day. I'm actually pretty stoked to play it day 1. I hate you Nintendo...I'm such a sucker for your crazy antics!