Topic: anyone sticking with wii u for mostly next gen?

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CureDolly wrote:

I sometimes wonder if the people who complain about "so few games coming to the console" REALLY do/would play so many, or whether they just like the idea of being able to.

nah that's just how people work. Nintendo has a long history of fans asking for stuff they wouldn't buy (or asking for new IPs then when Nintendo releases new IPs they're magically not interested anymore). Gamers like the idea of them having an infinite choice (but they all end up buying the same things). Everybody wants to choose their adventure game from a list of 100 different adventure games and believe that their choice set them apart from other gamers, but the truth is that everybody is just buying an adventure game...

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I already have an extensive backlog on Wii U already (Zelda WW, W101, Rayman, Mario 3d World) and barely have time to play with the whole work thing. How do people have time to finish games in 1-2 days I have no idea.

Throw in a 3DS backlog, and the backlog gets positively frightening.

I love the Wii U. It is my favorite system of all time with the off-screen gameplay because my wife and I share a tv (people who don't like this feature must have a tv in every room and be really rich). The Wii U is the only console that actually feels next gen in my opinion, because it is not just doing the exact same thing with prettier graphics.



I'll be getting a PS4 next year. I'd love to just own one console but I can't justify it since a lot of games seem to not be coming to the Wii U for various reasons. Wii U/PS4 combo

Four more months until Bayonetta 2.

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I sold my Wii U, 3DS and video game collection a few months ago. I don't know why I did this. But I do know that I regret doing it. This year has been stressful. I got married. I got a new job. I almost bought a house, but unfortunately there were various complications that led to the decision to withdraw the offer. The culmination of these events resulted in the decision. I must also admit that the allure of the next generation PlayStation and Xbox also had an influence on this.

The next generation is now the current generation and I don't have a home console or a handheld. But after much thought I've decided that the Wii U is the only console that I need. I've only ever enjoyed playing video games on a Nintendo home console or handheld. Nintendo video games are of such a high standard.

I'm probably going to get a Wii U next month and a 3DS later next year. PlayStation and Xbox are moving in a direction that I find unfamiliar and uninspiring. Nintendo are the last great video games company. They have plenty of first and third party support for both systems. They're all I need. I'm looking forward to the future.



I personally will stick with Wii U, but my sister who plays the non-Nintendo consoles is holding off on a PS4 until Kingdom Hearts 3 is out. That's the only non-Wii U game that currently interests me.



I understand. I'm just saying that the way I look at Steam Box or PC isn't really necessary for the way I use things.

Wii U is enough for me, but that doesn't mean I'm naive about what we're talking about here.


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Probably not, If I get a console next its going to be a Vita and than probably a PS4. I see more on the PS4 that grabs me compared to the Wii U, and PS+ games will probably tip me over the edge when it comes to which console to get first.


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Im gonna get a PS4 for Christmas and I think that will be my main console. I have a Wii U but playing with friends is better on the PS4 online. There is PS+ which gives you great deals on the online store and there is an amazing line-up for the PS4. There is Killzone, Knack (Love this game), infamous, Driveclub, Uncharted 4, The Order and a whole host of sony studios working on games. Nintendo exclusives are better but Sony aren't far behind in terms of quality.


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Well, Wii U easily COULD be my only console this gen- it's getting AAA masterpieces in spades right now, and we all know Nintendo will keep em comin. But I do also love my 3DS XL, and for good measure I own a PS4 and Vita. The Sony consoles barely get touched, in fact, I'm not sure why I even bought the PS4... I guess just because I have the money and I could :/

But I'm seriously debating selling my PS4 and just buying a $400 Steam Machine when they launch. I am SO not down with paying a never-ending fee to game online, and I never enjoy Playstation as much as the headlines make me think I will. People make excuses for it, but you know what- you don't pay on Nintendo platforms, and you don't pay on PC platforms, so there is no reason why I feel I should pay Sony ANOTHER $400 just so my console can game online this gen.

Not to mention, there are virtually no good platforming games on Sony platforms (albeit Rayman but I buy that on Wii U with the gamepad). Tearaway was a bore and Knack was just downright horrible, and Little Big Planet sucks. Sony consoles are great, but only for that certain genre of gritty, cinematic, male-lead, anti-hero protagonist, twin analogue shooter type of game. And I can't stand only playing those types of games more than once or twice a year. Most of them hinge on cinematic flare and somewhat interesting stories to keep the player hooked, instead of addicting gameplay. Which is why I get bored with Playstation consoles after about a year. I mean, The Last of Us was hailed as some great masterpiece, and to me it wasn't even that great. Neither was GTA5. The only reason I was even interested in PS4 was The Witcher 3, Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

My original plan was to own all the consoles, but the more I think about it the more I'm questioning that approach. I think I should have waited for the Steam Machine. We'll see how it goes. Once those Steam Machines launch this sucker might go on eBay. Depends how good the Steam Machines are- I'm not too keen on that mouse controller tbh. I'm keeping the Vita though. I like the Vita, despite it's small library. I actually think it's great for ports of classics, like Persona 4, Final Fantasy X and Borderlands 2. Might not get as much play as Wii U/3DS, but at least it doesn't charge for online and is getting some decent ports this year. Yeah, Wii U, 3DS, Vita and Steam Machine. That sounds about right to me.

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@danwarner Man sounds like a lot has happened to you recently, that would stress me out.

As for me...most likely, I have yet to see anything that makes me want to buy the other two consoles. I like Dead Rising, but there is no way I'll be persuaded to buy an Xbox One. Never got into Infamous, but I've heard good things. I plan on getting a PS4 down the line, but not for a long time, probably after a new model or price drop happens, since I'm a huge Ratchet and Clank fan I'll probably wait for one of those games too. Most their games are...for a lack of a better words, too cinematic.

I'll stick with Wii U and 3DS this year. I'd like too see the Steam Box in action....but I don't want to pay like $1000 for it -_-

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nope, will get ps4 for major gaming & xbox one for exclusives only when the slim models come out & some extra games... i got the wii u only for exclusives too



For the most part I am, Whatever I can get on Wii U I'll get and whatever I cant I'll grab on my PS4 and PC. Really Looking forward to Watch_Dogs, Kingdom Hearts 3, Dying Light, and the new Uncharted that's in development.

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Nope. As much as I like Nintendo games I also like third party games which I am sorry to say Nintendo systems have lacked for a long time. But then again I have always been a two console person. Going as far back as I can remember

SNES and Sega Genesis
N64 and Playstation
Gamecube and PS2
Wii and Xbox 360

and this gen it will be Wii U and PS4. I might also pick up an Xbox One when some more exclusives come out for it.

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I don't know, as of right now, I'm sticking with Wii U. BUT, I may be forced to buy PS4 or X1 when they release next gen Demon/Dark Souls, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. Unless I have a really good gaming PC by then, which.. I doubt.


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Quite possibly. I plan on getting a PS3 soon though. Depending on how much fun i have with it i might get a PS4 or Xbox One shortly before or after the next next gen comes along.


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@JaxonH You do realize the cheapest Steam machine is $500, right? That, and it's barely more powerful than the other systems, has basically no multimedia capabilities, and is being made by a company that isn't known for always producing quality machines.

That's without mentioning the need to add more to it later on due to advancing hardware, or that if you have the cheap machine, you'll be at a disadvantage when facing others online, since they'll have better machines.

Just know what you're getting into.

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