Topic: Which do you prefer? Mario 64 or the DS remake?

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neither i like the virtual console release lol

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The N64 version of the original gave me blisters in the final battle. The VC version seems to rectify this. The DS version has it's quirks, but was ultimately too easy (save for a single star I had trouble locating in the Vanish Cap course). I love the Poker minigame. :3



TJtheHeretic wrote:

neither i like the virtual console release lol

That counts as the original N64 one. Me, I'll take the DS one hands-down! The graphics are better, and there's so much more! As is the case with most SNES and N64 games remade, the remake is such an improvement that I don't want to go back to the original!



Super Mario 64 is a masterpiece. Anybody who has not played the original needs to buy and play the VC version ASAP. It is the best 1000 Nintendo Points you will ever spend. SM64DS fails because of the d-pad controls and reduced difficulty. The original wins.



The original is much easier to control, IMO (and therefore I consider it the better game), even though the blisters were rather inconvenient. To its credit, the DS version had some pretty fun mini-games.

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They're both great games, but I actually preferred the DS version. I even thought the controls were better (sometimes I'd fall because I had trouble controlling my jumps with the analog stick, but I was younger then). The extra characters I appreciated too because with just Mario it seemed a little....barren in the castle .

I do have to say, Bowser looks a lot cooler in the original than in the DS version. I don't like his "new look".

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I prefer the original. The touch screen isn't a good substitute for an analog stick, and I found the multiple characters thing made things a bit more tedious than they should have been.


The DS version because it's camera doesn't suck. That's the one fatal flaw of the original for me. I like the minigames in the remake a lot. I find the controls managable.

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I prefer the original, by far!



cheetahman91 wrote:

The DS version because it's camera doesn't suck. That's the one fatal flaw of the original for me. I like the minigames in the remake a lot. I find the controls managable.

The default camera view of the original may suck but if you press c-down, that makes it not suck. At least that's how it is for me.



I didn't mind the D-pad controls for the DS, but analog is better. But the DS version is a little better than the original because of the extra characters (L is real!) and levels. The one pro the D-pad has over analog was that you could control the speed Mario could move without moving really fast accidentally. Tiny Big Island comes to mind when you're trying to get into the Wiggler's room by using the thin planks. I was frustrated with that part in the 64 version.

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If you've played the original N64 version, you'd be mad to prefer the DS remake. Simply put, the DS isn't the ideal way to display the best 3D platformer of the '90s.


I actually liked the controls on the DS better.

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Probably the original. There was just something about it that made you want to play it forever. It was my favorite game for the N64 for a long time, as I was too young to really appreciate Ocarina of time. The extras on the DS version were great, but somehow it didn't surpass the original for me.

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The n64 version is the best by far.



The n64 version is the best by far.



I like the 64 version better, but probably because you can play it on a big screen.



NDS version by far. The original was good too.

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