Topic: Which do you prefer? Mario 64 or the DS remake?

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Which either Mario 64 game or remake do you prefer? I would go for the original. I didn't really like the remake on the DS. Broken controls on the remake. But in my opinion, the original is superior.

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since i never played an n64, i woukld probably like either one, sine that one would be the one i would learn how to control.

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Mario 64 was briliant when it came out, and nothing beats what we all felt playing Mario in 3D for the first time. Nothing comes close to the level of perfection this game reached at that time, in regards to its generation. Plus, the N64 controller was freaking briliant for it! (Being a little kid, I didn't appreciate how perfect that controller was until much later.)

However, strictly as a game, I believe the DS version is better. It's got all the levels of the original, PLUS more playable charaters with diffferent gameplay styles AND more stages. The controls aren't perfect, but that's just because it's on the DS; they are as good as can be in that medium.

Now, if the same version was on both, I'd take the N64 one no doubt.

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Original 64 game for the win.

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As the DS version is really just the original with lots of bonuses, of course I like the DS version. And I don't get why everyone hates the controls; the thumb pad works excellent.

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I don't think the controls on the DS version are bad at all. I like the DS version more, especially for the multiplayer.

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I like the DS version way better because it has better graphics (at least on DS screen) and some nice additions
also it is portable so I can play it anywhere I want
I have never had a problem with its controls

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I love the DS version, although it'd be better with analog sticks.

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Well on the 64 it controls perfectly, and ends up being pure platforming bliss.

The DS has some nice extra stuff, but since it doesn't control particularily great, it isn't as blissful to play.


I prefer the original because it has that undeniable charm.

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The original. 100%.

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I played both, and I thought both were great. Although I really should either download the VC version (64) or purchase the remake (DS). Although, since I've more fondness for the 64 version, I'd have to say the 64 version.

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The original all the way. I just didn't like some of the stuff they changed and/or added in the remake. Though, I was never really bothered by the controls.


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While I do like the DS version, the original is better because of the analog stick.

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I should download the original version sometime. The DS edition is fun but it plays like crap.

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