Topic: What's your earliest gaming memory?

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Duck Hunt i was the first kid on my block to own it i treasured it ^^

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I know I played some arcade games when I was little but I wouldn't call those my first "gaming memory", I just know I played them. Burger Time seems to stand out for some reason, but no real specifics of where or when. The first real gaming memory that I can vividly remember was in 1985 when my Grampa bought me a NES and I played Gyromite. It came with that little robot (ROB was his name I think...stood for something, don't remember what) and he'd place gyros on his stand to move barriers on the screen up and down to help you complete the levels. When I look back at it now all I can really see is a really lame gimmick, but at the time I thought it was the best thing ever.



Well, I won't beat anyone here cause I'm too young but I remember just watching my older brother and father play against each other in Sea Battle on the Intellivision when I was closer to 3 years old, about 1991-2 I don't remember. I always got those old good feels when I messed with that old thing. Still have it, sort of just a corner stone for me. Then there were those times when I just watched my brother play on the NES either it be Dragon Warrior(Dragon Quest) or Blaster Master. It wasn't until the SNES that I truely got myself into gaming. But those times just watching the Intellivision were the best.

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Here's a sleepy me in 1985 when I was a freshmen. I got the whole NES outfit that year, including the ROB. I had some photos from when I got my Atari 2600, but they were destroyed in a fire 5 years ago. So sadly, this is the first documented pic of me with anything video-game related.


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Playing Super Mario Bros. circa 1988 on my brother's NES.


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WhoKnew wrote:

Chuck E. Cheese! (Im not that old lol.)

is it sad that i went there and played back when it was Showbiz Pizza, and Chuck E. Cheese was just a character there? i mean, i was little, but i was old enough to remember it. D:

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theblackdragon wrote:

WhoKnew wrote:

Chuck E. Cheese! (Im not that old lol.)

is it sad that i went there and played back when it was Showbiz Pizza, and Chuck E. Cheese was just a character there? i mean, i was little, but i was old enough to remember it. D:

I went to Showbiz pizza when I was little too. Anyway, my first gaming memory is Duck Hunt on the NES.

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@Corbie: Awesome pic!
My first memory was of my Dad giving me a quarter to play Robotron in an Arby's. I was really young and I was facinated by being able to press buttons for the very first time! I didn't know what the heck I was doing but I still remember that experience to this day! I have a lot of other memories but this is the one that I believe started it all for me! Thanks Dad!
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Playing Crusian USA and Goldeneye when I was three.and Pixelman love the Ninja Avatar

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pixelman wrote:

@Terranigma: Are you 15 (or nearly 16) too? I see you have 1993 appended at the end of your Skype ID.

I'm 16 now.

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Adventure Island on the NES. That is the first game I can remember playing. Strangely, I hate Adventure Island.

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


Pitfall on my uncles old Atari at my grandma's house. I was so happy when he got a NES and Mario Bros.



The first game I remember playing is Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt. I think getting the original gameboy and Super Mario Land was the first thing I really remember having.

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I think it was Centipede on the Atari 2600. I was in kindergarten and my father brought the system over for testing. We ended up with a Commodore 64 though. Good times!

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I hazily remember playing Pong.



I remember when Space Invaders appeared at my local 7-11 and caused a sensation; first time I remember seeing a video game that wasn't in a bar. I cannot say if that was the first though, because I also remember playing Death Race 2000 and Sprint (or trying to, I was pretty small still!). I remember trying to coordinate using buttons for left and right and fire was pretty tough though. The game is still challenging and I was happy to pay 800 points for the SNES emulation (though I hate having to plug in the CC to play it).

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We had the Atari and I remember playing a game called War (or something like that). It was basically a breakout game for up to 4 players where you try to defend your corner of blocks.



I recall messing around on Sonic 2 on a rented Genesis when I was 2 years old. It's one of the three things I can barely remember from that age.

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