Topic: What's your earliest gaming memory?

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First game, I ever played was "Combat" Atari 2600! Remember it? It had several modes, but the one that really sticks out in my mind is the stage where it's 1 big plane vs. 3 little planes. Classic stuff.

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@Sean Aaron - Yeah, Warlord sounds right. I think you only needed at least two players but there were four of us kids plus my parents so it wasn't too hard to find at least one other person to play with.

I think my brother played the Atari a lot more than I did so I probably just more played the multi-player games when he needed someone to play with

That was really the only console that I ever had until I bought the PS2 a couple of years ago. I pretty much missed out on the NES/SNES/Dreamcast generation. I've been a PC gamer for a while though. Our first PC was the Apple GS. I think my aunt was in the computer industry and got us some Apples for either free or pretty cheap back in the late '80s early '90s.

I actually took the Apple IIc (c for "compact") to college with me with a dot matrix printer. Everyone else had a Window's PC with a laser printer that could connect to the internet so I felt more than a little out-of-date.

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Oh, and Corbie, Pepper II is the bomb! I love the other two Exidy games of note as well: Mouse Trap and Venture.

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Atari 2600 and the game KABOOM. The one with the paddle controller and the robber is at the top and drops bombs down and you have to use that paddle to move side to side to catch all the bombs. It was a really fun game at the time and still is kinda fun. I remember my whole family used to get together and play games. I was a lucky kid I guess.

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Corbie wrote:


Heh, Gotta love Video game Xmas photos! Somewhere in the endless stacks of photo albums that I have is a photo of a lil' 7 year old me on Father Christmas' lap, almost wetting myself in joy as I receive my Original GameBoy (my first real games console), and a copy of Super Mario Land and Dr Mario to go with it.




I remember picking up the SNES controller when I was 4,(or even younger) and played Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario All-Stars bone dry

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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I had always asked my mother to play it, but one day when she said that she was too busy, I went to my room, turned on the console (despite my fears), and found Mario in the Forest Maze. It was before my favorite boss, Bowyer, and although I don't remember how I got to that boss, I remember the adrenaline coursing through my little body as I beat Bowyer (easy since my mother level grinded a lot). I was happy; I was thrilled to have bested my fear of playing video games with their impressive graphics (SMW's Bowser truly scared me back then). As soon as I was done, I started my own file in SMRPG, getting propelled out of Bowser's Keep in time for my mother to come in and see me playing. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was next and the rest is history.

Edit: This was my first time playing. I remember other games like Sonic, SMW, Zelda: ALttP, and such that my mother played when I was scared to.

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I was late getting into video games so all my memories are quite clear. The earliest ones I remember are some old Star Wars arcades as a youngster - I don't remember playing them but remember sitting in the cabinet and how it felt to press the buttons.

I wasn't really interested in games at all until I was about 10 years old - maybe a tiny bit older (which is probably why I find it shocking that kids have games consoles in their rooms as young as 5!). I first saw games such as Final Fight, Ninja Turtles and The Simpsons that really got my interest going, especially with side-scrollers. Earliest memory playing a game? It would have been Ninja Turtles arcade - they used to have the cabinet in my local sports center so that was the top of the slippery slope. Y'know if they didn't have it in there I'd have never got hooked, stuck to playout outside more and would probably be a professional footballer or something now - sigh.



The first game im ever played was Super Mario Bro at the age of 0(?) and to this day I'v yet to actully beat it

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My older brother brought home an Intellivision II around Christmas 1983. I was about 4 years old and I came to love that machine over the years. He'd also take me to the next town over where they had a big arcade. I really miss old school video arcades...



Playing NES when I was 2 or 3.

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At three years old, I was confronted to this strange grey machine with the door you could flip upwards. My mother walked toward it, hlding a grey rectangular object, and she put it in the strange grey machine. Eventually, something magical appeared on the screen. Then the Mushroom kingdom suddenly flashed on my screen and I saw Super Mario Bros. for the first time. I picked a controller up and held it backwards. Therefore, whenever I pressed right, I would go left, and vice-versa. It was natural to grip the buttons-side with the left hand for a left-handed who wasn't told how to play. Following that day, my habit of playing backwards in any consoles that permits it stayed. So I played for hours on end, and ended up beating it. That's when I became a fan, i guess.

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I was playing Super Mario Land 2 on my green GameBoy Pocket at the airport. I think I was three at the time. (By the way, I knew how to read at that age. I remember reading the manual of that game at that time...)

Actually, I like Bowser AND hairy bellies!


It was either Tetris or a pinball game on our ancient DOS PC....I think

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Pong was the first game i played.
My Mum got a 2nd job when I was 8 to get me a NES for Christmas. It came with Super Mario Bros & Duck Hunt

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playing Smash Bros back when i was 3 or 4

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I've tried to post on here a few times but kept doubting my earliest memories, knowing there was one I had forgotten. And I finally remember it!

Jet Set Willy!



Machu wrote:

I've tried to post on here a few times but kept doubting my earliest memories, knowing there was one I had forgotten. And I finally remember it!

Jet Set Willy!

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Heck yeah! Freaking hard too!

Did you know that they made a very good PC remake of the game?




SepticLemon you rock! I've just experienced a gaming flashback, and was transported roughly 24 years back in time. I could see the room I played it in as that music took hold, it was kinda freaky, but in a nice way, woah!

Going back to play more now. (tears of joy)

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