Topic: What was your first game?

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um.... this is very tough! do you mean the first game i brought or the first game i ever played? anyway, i really don't even remember. XD

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99.9% sure it was MineStorm: An Asteroids clone built into the Vectrex. Grandparents got it for me like in early 1984 (or late '83). So I've been a gamer for 30 years in 2014! Me wuz born in 1977.

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I'm pretty sure mine was Pokemon Blue.
Like 10 years before I learned to read english. Fun times.

Meowph, that's right!

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Morpheel wrote:

I'm pretty sure mine was Pokemon Blue.
Like 10 years before I learned to read english. Fun times.

I had that game, along with Tom & Jerry: Mouse Attacks and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.

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I think I posted before but I'm going to post again.
My first game was Rayman Advance when I got my Gameboy Advance at Christmas in 2001.



@TwilightPoint, I'm pretty sure I got my Game Boy Advance for Christmas in 2001 also! That was my first game system! Crazy-ness!

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I was born in 1997 I can't remember my first console game, but it was probably either Super Monkey Ball 2 or Super Mario Sunshine back in '03. I am pretty sure my first handheld games were Super Mario World and Mario Kart Super Circuit on the Gameboy Advance SP in '04.

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My first game was Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES. I got it for Christmas when I was 4 or 5. I know it's not considered a "real" Mario game but I loved it then and I still do. I've been hoping Nintendo would do another Mario game with throwback gameplay but I'm not holding my breath. Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World seem to be the templates for all future 2D Mario games, and all the 3D ones are basically modeled after Super Mario 64. Plus, I can't really imagine the throw-enemies-at-other-enemies concept working too well in a fully 3D world. Anyone know of any existing games that have tried something similar?
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My first game I think was Altered Beast on the Genesis.Ithink it's because it came with it.

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The first game i have ever played was probably mario kart on the n64



pokemon gold version ... or maby it was bomberman red challenger ... or blue challenger .. it was one of those .... i have awfull memory XD

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Either Donkey Kong Country 3 for the Super Nintendo or Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game for the Genesis. I was born in 1993.

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Kings Quest 1



Born: 1990
Console: SEGA MegaDrive II
Game: One of the Sonic games (we had most of them)

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Super Mario Brothers, NES, and was born in 1986.

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