Topic: What was your first game?

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I believe my first game was either Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt or a Kung Fu game on the NES. I feel old ;_; .

OH SORRY! Born 1990.


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my first game was super Mario world

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maybe Super Mario 64......I don't remember...

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or Mario Kart 64......

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I believe I was about 4 when my family got a "state of the art" new console with a few pong variations and a skeetshoot game built in, with paddles and a lightgun; I think it may have been called a Telstar.


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when I was born my dad had a Genesis in the house. I guess the first game he bought for me was Barney on the Genesis.... Was not a bad game actually just very easy.

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I really can't remember haha. I did not play games that much when I was younger, Although some early ones I played were rollercoaster tycoon, viper racing, delta force 1, the sims 1.



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