Topic: What games have had the most impact on you?

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(and spend your life savings on them :3 )

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Super Mario Bros. 2 USA
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
Kid Icarus
Mega man 2
Ninja Gaiden
SMB./Duck Hunt
TMNT II: The Arcade Game (Arcade version)
Super Mario World
Resident evil (PS1)

As far as modern goes....

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - (Groundbreaking controls)
Wario Land Shake it! - (Best platformer i've played in years. Tilt controls did wonders for the gameplay)
Klonoa - (Surreal, Dreamy, Magical and most importantly fun with one of the most amazing soundtracks in videogame history.)
Mega Man 9 - (Greatest MM since 2! I'll never forget the hype train that surroundig it's release)
Elebits - (Revolutionary Virtual playground controls)

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Alright, I'll go ahead and mention some of mine:

Super Mario Bros. 3 - The GBA remake of this was my very first video game. I vividly remember that Christmas morning when I played this for the first time. This, of course impacted me since it made video games my life-long hobby. It also introduced me to Mario, not to mention I proudly was able to start my journey with a remake of one of the best games of all time :3

Kingdom Hearts - I played this game at a time in my life where I doubted the significance of friendship. I felt that, after going through such difficult times with different friends, that I didn't need any all together. This game made me realize how important friends are, and that I should value every moment with them.

Animal Crossing - This game kept me on my feet in those troubled middle school years. I played this to relax and relieve stress most of the time. It also helped me get through many rainy summer days~

Wii Sports - Playing this with my family, and watching them participate in something I usually did alone was a really great experience for me.

Super Mario Galaxy - This is the game that really took my love for video games a step further. There's just something very magical about it. I remember being so in awe at everything that was happening, there was a sense of adventure. The sequel kept me occupied when I was out of school and sick for a good solid three weeks in the eighth grade.

Nintendo Land - A very recent one, I bet many of you wonder how a game that only came out this past November could possibly have impacted my life so greatly. Without drawing out details, for the past few months, starting with November 2012 actually, there's been a lot of sadness and loss in my life. I'm very grateful that, even with all that's been going on in my world lately, this game has been there for me and given me a sense of happiness amid all the dark. Because of that, I hold this game as very special to me.

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I generally hate escort missions in games but Ico's amazing use of emotion made me want to protect her instead of rolling my eyes at the game. I only got annoyed once because I was trying to solve a puzzle I couldn't figure and it took a a lot more effort to bring her with me since I was going all over the place over and over again.

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Zelda II
Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 (US), and 3
Super Mario World & 64
Link's Awakening & Oracle of Ages
Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask
Super Game Boy with Donkey Kong '94

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Madden. Got me into football
NHL. Got me into hockey..

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Just to pick from a few, I'd say '
Super Mario World. I was born in 1989, and this was I'd say the first real game I remember playing. Hearing the music and seeing aspects specifically from this game, often makes me feel somewhat like I'm at home.
Donkey Kong Country. Me and my dad played all three of these like crazy back when I was in gradeschool. A lot of good memories and some really great games.
Zelda : Ocarina of Time. My first Zelda game. Since, out of about 15 or 16 games, I only haven't beat 5 of them. Pretty sure this is my favorite series (with Mario in second). Went through this one the first time with my dad too.

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Mother 3 and nearly every game I played from 2009 are the main reasons I am still that much of a gamer at all anymore. This is as far from an insult to recent HD gaming as I can, but I probably would be more of an anime fan more than anything, and I was seriously considering not getting another new home console at all. Mother 3 is the first and one of the few games that made the games as art idea even a thought in my mind too.

I hope Xenoblade Chronicles ends up as significant proof (maybe not as much as Kickstarter though) and a renewal in my faith for fans actually doing cool stuff and buying stuff and supporting good games in Nintendolandworldplace.

Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt obviously. And Kirby's Adventure is the first game I beat.

OOT had the best atmosphere and world ever as a 9 year old, it blew my mind.

Bioshock is 10 years old. Let's play through its horrific environment and see why its so beloved!
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The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker. Before I played it, I was just a normal kid, but setting sail on this quest awoke a force sleeping within me. A force of an obsessive Zelda fan. That in turn made me become the weird, nerdy/ geeky Nintendo fan I am today. The Wind Waker made me who I am. I'd say that's a pretty big impact.

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The Madden games. Why? Because they are the only games that have really impacted me beyond solely entertainment. How? Because I have both lost and won money on friendly wagers..

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street fighter 2 by far, both in the arcade and then on snes, hence the 91 in my nick, coming from the year 1991 when it was released. i made many friends through that game and had a lot of great times as a teenager.



Pokemon red, my first game and mystery dungeon explorers of sky and animal crossing.

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FFIX, for the simple fact that it got me into the whole JRPG craze.

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As a kid, I mostly played games for fun, or to escape the constant fighting between various family members. Plus, I could take out my anger on my controllers instead of them.

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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - This was my first Zelda game, and it was a huge playground of sorts; I can't imagine how much time I spent wandering around Koholint Island in my youth!

Banjo-Kazooie (Tooie to a lesser extent, and Donkey Kong 64 deserves mention) - Similar to Link's Awakening, the huge worlds were like candy for my imagination. More importantly, I think that the amazing soundtracks (especially in Banjo-Kazooie) profoundly impacted my perception of music as well as the ideas I use when I perform music.

Super Smash Bros. Melee - One of the only games I regularly played (and still play) with other people. In fact, I still play with the same crew from 2006 once or twice a month (a group of people with whom I would otherwise share no interests). Not so much an impact on my life, but it is perhaps a bit heart-warming anyways!

If you like piano and/or organ music:

  • Pokemon Red/Blue - Because it was my first game.
  • Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal - Most time spent on any 1 game (for all 3 games).
  • Mega Man: Anniversary Collection - For teaching me that hard games can be fun, too.
  • Metroid Prime - First game that had a world I could really get sucked into.
  • Okami - Everything.

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