Topic: What games have had the most impact on you?

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Snake Rattle 'n Roll
The soundtrack alone sounds like it was pealed out of an 8-bit Cheeseburger joint.

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Pokemon Silver I guess, considering I wasted my entire childhood on it.

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Kingdom Hearts,Pokemon and Megaman Battle Network



Sierra's Space Quest series - perfect adventure games with comedy, satire, great characters, challenging puzzles, and great stories. The early games in the series introduced me to pc gaming in the 80's. Space quest opened the door for me for other classics like leisure suit larry, kings quest, police quest, day of the tentacle, Sam and max hit the road, full throttle, lndiana jones and the fate of atlantis, and monkey island just to name a few. Even though nintendo was all any kid cared about in the 80's and early 90's, pc gaming was also going through its own golden age and man am I glad I got to experience it.

The entire space quest series is pure gold for anyone into adventure puzzlers and or scifi comedy, and is sadly mostly forgotten today.


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