Topic: The Oldest Console You Own?

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Sega Genesis for me. Have no idea exactly how old it is, especially since it was a few generations old when I got it.



Sure to be a common answer: the NES.



KingMike wrote:

Sure to be a common answer: the NES.

Way to make my answer look stupid...



Well I have a Magnavox Odyssey which I bought at Goodwill a few months ago if you are talking about release years of consoles. But if we are talking about which console you have own the longest well that would be my NES.

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Got an Atari 2600, but a few weeks back my answer would have been the NES. I'm amazed at how cheap almost every Atari game is, especially compared to other retro prices.

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A gamecube


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A N64, I bought it off eBay just cause I felt like it with Jet Force Gemini and Mischief Makers, but the composite cable it came with didn't work and I haven't replaced it yet. I have played it a couple of times though with a friend's GameCube cable. I really should play it more cause he very kindly fixed the sticks on the controllers for me.

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I used to own an original Game Boy, but I think at this point in time my oldest console is an Atari 2600.


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Atari 2600(Vader model)...after that, my Atari 5200



Still got my original Colecovision. Doesn't work anymore unfortunately, so its stashed away in a box and is mostly a conversation piece. Oldest working device is the Gameboy I got for Christmas in 1989. It does suffer from that line thing on the screen.



The classic, the NES.



Atari VCS 2600

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Game Boy SP. It doesn't work though. I also used to have a Game Boy Color and a GameCube.

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I think we still have a Gameboy hanging around somewhere...



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Oldest "Actual" Game Console: Model 1 Sega Genesis
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