Topic: What will be the first “First Person Shooter” released on the Nintendo Switch?

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Payday 2 will come out this year. It's a pretty good game and i definitely prefer it to the generic CoD/MoH/BF games from Acti and EA.

However, it's heavily based on coop so i hope there will be good netcode and also some local multiplayer.



antster1983 wrote:

Isn't Morphite coming on 7th September?

Oh yeah, it was announced to come at that date. But it is not on the eShop.

Here's some footage of MORPHITE

And some footage of >HOLLOW_


How have I not heard of Morphite??? It looks lovely

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I own all 3 Borderlands games and most of the DLC's. I would pay good money for some kind of collection or something on Switch.

I wouldn't mind some stuff from the Ubisoft stable; a Far Cry or Call of Juarez game, for example.

The new DOOM or Wolfenstein would be fun, though technically probably somewhat difficult. Wolfenstein might be doable (New Order/Old Blood), but DOOM is probably a bit too heavy to handle for the Switch.

Strafe, a recent indie FPS seems like a good fit, and looks like a friggin' riot.

Also, I would love an oldskool arena shooter akin to Unreal Tournament that would work with the motion controls like Splatoon 2 does (split joy-con motion controls 4eva!!1one).



Now that I think of it, Bioshock would be a great addition for the Switch. It's been a while since I've played the games so I'd happily buy a ported version of Bioshock: The Collection.

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I would love the new Doom or Wolfenstein, especially Doom, that one is very high on my hopes for the Switch list.



I don't think >HOLLOW_ has been officially announced though it is coming. It looks very much like a survival horror, strong Dead Space vibes off it.


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chasing the 3rd party titles out there would be a dumb thing for Nintendo to do. They don't want/need the worst looking version of Call of Duty or Overwatch or whatever on their console.

They should focus on building something from the ground up for the Switch, designed to run on the system and take advantage of what the system can do instead of being an "also ran".

Metroid Prime 4 is an obvious candidate for this. Teaming up with Ubisoft for Red Steel 3 would/could be a good move for them. Teaming up with Capcom to do somethign with Mega Man could work as well.

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@Canadian_Ronin Well, some like the portability. May say they're going to buy Skyrim again because it's portable on the Switch.

I like the idea of exclusive games made by other devs, but it's too expensive to only rely on exclusives as your third party support. Teaming up with Ubisoft for Red Steel 3 probably means paying Ubisoft to make Red Steel 3 for the Switch, and that's not cheap, at least not if they do this for multiple games a year.



@Canadian_Ronin I think you underestimate the power of 3rd party ports of popular games, and I don't see how it's a bad decision on Nintendo's part. It's certainly not as much effort for them to get another company to port their game to the Switch than it is to create an entire game from scratch. Plus it wouldn't necessarily be the worst looking version. Games like Bioshock or Borderlands, which could run perfectly fine on the Xbox 360, shouldn't have any problem running on the Switch.

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I'm unaware of what goes on beyond closed doors (and I assume everyone else here is too unless you work for a game company) for partnerships between third-parties and Nintendo, but here's the thing: people have this viewpoint that you buy Nintendo consoles for the Nintendo games. So in theory, if Nintendo approaches other third-party games to make exclusives built for the ground-up for the Switch using Nintendo characters or even a new IP, that has huge potential to do way better than simple multiplatform ports. Now I agree that there's more factors to it than that though; people tended to avoid Nintendo versions of third-party games due to a downgrade in performance (not just stripped down features). But the Switch doesn't just have the advantage of also having Nintendo first-parties to also play on, but the portability factor as well which can make the lesser performance easier to swallow (as long as not too much features are stripped away). This would make something like Skyrim or Rocket League more enticing to play on the Switch over something like the PS4 or XB1.

Anyway, if Mario + Rabbids is critically and commercially successful (and something tells me it would at least be generally favorable given the positive reception it had ever since E3), that tells the third-parties that this can very well be a profitable avenue to go down and really secure some very good third-party exclusives that have that "Nintendo magic". Money talks, and if these studios can make more money off of these deals, then they'd go for it. I'm not saying that **every** third-party game worth talking about should be a Nintendo exclusive (since multiplatforms still make the most money on averages), but it's something worth considering for both Nintendo and other third-parties should Mario + Rabbids do very well.

Maybe (going a bit on topic here) Nintendo can approach a company like Bethesda to make a new IP that's a FPS, but has the Nintendo charm where people from Nintendo help oversee the project. Who knows, but as for an FPS on Switch... Splatoon would already scratches that shooter itch for me so I don't know really.

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Might as well be the original Doom, since it is still a newer game than the 400K+ selling 2017 edition of Street Fighter 2. :V

I will never get over that. Street Fighter 2 in 2017 is already on its way to being a half million selling game on Switch. IT WAS SOLD AT STORES. FOR 40 DOLLARS. AND IT WORKED. So at this point, ID Software and Bethesda might as well just do the same for Doom honestly.

(though I'd obviously prefer the new one)

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I still think Overwatch has a good chance of coming, especially if sales stay solid through the end of this year. On the downside, though, it's Blizzard. And Blizzard takes a loooooong time to release their games.



Honestly I would love to see the bioshock collection go to switch.

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Any World War 1 or 2 shooter would make me happy. Though doubtful, I really hope we get a late port of this year's COD at some point.




gcunit wrote:

Conduit 3

Imagine. I really liked the first game, especially online. I wonder what High Voltage are up to.

Not much i think, i remember trying to get answers from them years back during the conduit years, they never replied to anything, and no sign of any more Wii games beeing made. I really wish they had made a Conduit 3, their version of Force Unleashed on the Wii was also the best version out of them all in my opinion.

Also ive been googling alot about Switch FPSes the last few weeks, im really hungry for a "CoD" style shooter on the Switch, maybe because my last CoD game was BO3 on the PS4, we got Splatoon, but it honestly doesn't scratch that shooter itch i like out of an FPS. Payday 2 is strictly co-op so it doesn't count.

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OorWullie wrote:

@SLIGEACH_EIRE It's on the Eshop in the coming soon section. I presume that means it's release isn't too far off.

Yeah, of all kinds of announcements, if a game appears on the eShop it's the most official announcement of them all. And it suggests a release in the coming weeks (or couple of months) at least.

So, >HOLLOW_ is on the coming soon section, Morphite is dated for 7th September, Payday 2 is announced for release sometime this year, and Metroid Prime 4 is officially teased to be in the works for Switch.

So we have these four first person games covered, is there anything else? The ones that come close and were in talks for Switch are:

Hover: Revolt of Gamers. It was initially coming to Wii U, was canceled, and is now heading to Switch.

BioShock veterans worked on Perception. Don't know how far they in with Switch development, other versions have already released.

Riverside by Zockrates Laboratories was in a Nindie showcase trailer once.

There are other games coming to Switch that are at least somewhat similar to FPS, make of them what you want.
State of Mind (Daedalic Entertainment)
Rogue Trooper Redux (Rebellion / TickTock Games) scheduled for October
Swap Fire - Season 2 (Midnight Status)


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