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rallydefault wrote:

And since I replayed Ocarina recently, I kind of disagree that it is heavily "guided." Yes, you tackle the dungeons in a specific order, but other than that, there's tons of exploring and back-and-forth that you can do.

I agree with all you're saying, I'll add that even though there's a specific dungeon order some of them can be done out of sync. My brother completed the Fire and Water temple before the Forest temple. He wasn't able to turn back into a child for that time, but it wasn't an issue.

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Pretty much echo my thoughts exactly.

I've played a lot of Zelda games and I have never... in my life, played one that even remotely made me think the way this one has made me think, or even give me one ha ha moment aha moment (although the same can be said for haha moments too! This game has made me laugh and smile the way no other Zelda has... the way no other game has) the way this game has given me scores of them. Puzzles are natural and logic-based. I love the old Zelda games but, they just don't stand up whatsoever in comparison.

I have not one single complaint with this game. Not one. I like everything about it. Oh I'm sure other people will find certain things they don't like but I can't say anything bad about this game because it's perfect in every way to me. And more importantly, I haven't been this addicted to a video game in about 15 years. Last time a video game made me feel this way was Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, which was the first game I really played as an adult, after years of not playing, and it was the first really meaty, involved game I had ever played in my life. I think some of that can probably be attributed to that wow factor of being your first time. But I've been playing games nonstop for years and years now... get that feeling again... now? Is all the more impressive

Ehhh... I'd be pretty heartbroken if they went back to the previous blueprint after this... I hope we never see Zelda game that's not like this again. At least on consoles/hybrid. I'd totally be OK with a Link Between Worlds type game on a cheap handheld, or as a budget digital release on Switch.

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So for this shrine to appear Link has to:

1 - Stand on a pedestal
2 - At night
3 - While naked
4 - Under a blood moon

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The hint for that one in Spanish was extremely vague. I had to find the answer online

Meowph, that's right!

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@Haru17 Yeah, I'd be overlooking the rather crucial point that Breath of the Wild doesn't have dungeons, certainly. The closest thing it has are the Beast interiors, and their macro-scale design and structural malleability set them so far apart from the largely unrelated, room-by-room setup of the earlier 'dungeons' that it's hard to compare.

So I didn't think BotW had the best 'dungeons', nor did I say it, making this post an excercise in spitting out words that have put in my mouth.

What Breath of the Wild does have is - in my opinion - the best puzzles. By a country mile. I gave my feelings on them in the first post; my main fault with them is that they're not longer.

So I don't agree with anything in your first post, and don't agree with what your said I said (but didn't say) in your second.

The only point where I'd differ from @JaxonH is that I wouldn't mind the next Zelda to be completely different from this one, partly because I don't want to wait another 7 years, and partly because the Zelda series has a lot more to offer than any one game can offer, and it seems a shame to waste that retreading the same ground. I find it hard to imagine any Zelda game for a while outdoing Breath at being Breath, and I feel there's turf that Breath couldn't cover by design. I'd like to see more of the tight, socially connected spaces that defined Majora's Mask; the kind of interconnected communal buzz that just can't exist across an expansive, post-apocalyptic wilderness. I'd prefer a game that was a complement to Breath rather than competition to it.

We'll see what the future brings. But for the time being, I've got Breath's Ganon to keep me occupied.

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Soooo, I just finally beat the game and I want to talk about all that buisness. So don't read this if you haven't beaten the game!

Surprisingly enough, Hyrule Castle is the only dungeon in the game that you can approach from all angles like Aonuma talked about in interviews back around when the game was announced. I don't want to have the value question conflated with my points to come, so I'll come right out and say that Breath of the Wild was worth the $450-some I spent to play it, even without having played the DLC. And it's great to be back in the Nintendo ecosystem — 3DS wasn't really enough for me ere those long Wii U years.

However, this is a 3D Zelda game, those games being much different to — and often better than — other titles. (Coincidentally I'm still wavering on whether or not I would call it a game in the Zelda genre as opposed to just the main series, but let's split those hairs after I've had time to ruminate on the ending.)

Spoilers start now: 'Spread too thin' has never been more appropriate. Obviously in a game this big, you do not make a main story that short. Having seen what I confirmed as the full ending ('cause who would know), alone, in a non-disturbing environment, and after re-watching all of the memories, doing all of the dungeons, and even completing every single shrines, I can say that Breath of the Wild's maybe one-hour total collection of cutscenes are almost totally insufficient. Everyone could stand to wait through an at-least 5-minute length memory cutscene after clicking the prompt. A script this short gives you a story all about Zelda not really doing anything and a bunch of peripheral characters that don't matter at all, as well as a bunch of one-on-one scenes with a silent protagonist. (How did no one see that!? They must have known and just been scared of fan reaction or too afraid to voice Link in this story that is absolutely screaming for him to say something — anything.)

They obviously could have done more, but I think the chiefest sins Breath of the Wild's story commits is signposting the end of the game right from the start, killing all of the main characters offscreen before the game began, and finally — suuuper spoilery at this point if you haven't beaten it — not having an antagonist at all. The first thing inherently ruins a plot by taking out any ambiguity as to where it's going or whether any twists will take it elsewhere (they won't). The second takes all stakes out of the plot (remember worrying for Midna at the end of Twilight Princess?) and was used as an excuse not to develop those characters beyond archetypes and a maybe minute of screen time apiece. And the final thing is just obvious: Have Ganon talk. Ganondorf was a good villain because he was imposing, well-shot, and — in Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker — charismatic. Creating a mindless force of evil is just boring and the least creative thing they could have done.

Phew, so about Hyrule Castle and Calamity Ganon specifically, it could be the strongest Hyrule Castle ever, lmao. I don't get where the weird malice-guardian fusion designs came from, I wouldn't mind them if they talked at some point. It's cool that they explained how the guardians were all stored inside of the pillars beneath Hyrule Castle, and how there's a legless guardian just perched atop one of them and sniping you. They kind of just threw the kitchen sink at it in terms of challenges, with rock enemies and guardians and lynels all. The upper half of the castle and the throne room take major inspiration from Twilight Princess' titular aesthetic, what with black motes rising up into an cloudy, shifting orange sky (I appreciated the nod there). The final / first ever form of Ganon was interesting, but only really served to put a point on how not-really-great the pools of malice looked and how lacking the horseback combat was. There being only one regular enemy to fight on horseback — bokoblins on other horses that don't follow you terribly well — and guardians, an admittedly incredibly designed mini boss. Ganon didn't really... do a whole lot, he was just huge and messed up the environment while having giant, huge hit box weak points. A surprisingly easy fight, considering what came before. I guess I won't ever see my dream of fighting humanoid Ganondorf high up in the castle tower with all of Hyrule all around, or flying around in a tornado above the ruined castle and fighting his — I guess now 'its' — miasma on chunks of floating rubble with the paraglider. I'm glad the Twilight Princess-style teleport out into Hyrule Field for the final battle is being standardized, though. More horseback combat is always a good thing, and I appreciated the aesthetic and textual nod to Beast Ganon. I'm tired and going to stop assailing you all with this wall of text. Goodnight!

Overall, better than Skyward Sword — still not good enough.

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Hey guys,
Just started playing yesterday.
Is the difficulty is getting harder each time?
Before buying Switch and Zelda, I was afraid that I will have a hard time playing this game.
But for my surprise, the first hour was fine for me. Will it be ok for the rest of the game?
I am asking because some people compare this game to Dark Souls, which I could not beat even the first level.

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@Zeev Don't worry about the difficulty, I don't think those people have played Dark Souls. I think BOTW is actually rather easy.



You will die fairly often which is why people are getting worked up but that's not due to difficulty but rather playing about whilst exploring.

Does anyone remember about how Aonuma said there's a different ending in the game, has anyone got/figured it out yet?

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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Anyone done the "ultimate trial" up on top of the Deku Tree yet...?
You have to solve a couple (stupid easy) riddles and I'm stuck. Not because I can't figure it out but because I can't answer lol

You have to put the items the Korok is asking for on a leaf in front of him and now he wants one of the electric dragonflies. But how in the hell am I supposed to lay that thing down? It's just flying away and you can't kill them like the lizards

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@FGPackers It is cool, the username tends to throw people.

So I got my first divine beast! I really like the puzzle set up and the brevity is fine as well...the boss fight was a little underwhelming, but I really don't think that is the point. The world itself is your boss fight. I felt more indignation for what Ganon did to the hard work of the Shiekah and the Champions anyway.

Have I mentioned how much I love this soundtrack? I haven't had a soundtrack make me nauseous since TP. It is hard to explain but I have a somewhat tactile perception/reaction to instrumental music (some vocal music too but mostly instrumental I've found). Music that is off in timing for composed in a somewhat chaotic (not completly mind you) make me slightly sick to my stomach as I think my brain is expecting the music to go in one way and it doesn't. Yet music like the horseback riding or Zora's Domain after you cleanse Ruta seem really light and clean and often make me smile while playing.

I love and hate the music for Ganon in TP because from an auditory perspective it sounds/feels "oily" (like crude oil or gasoline) to me. It FEELS wrong. Felt similar in felt wrong...I haven't pinpointed how it "feels" yet but I remember getting a sick feeling about a minute in after turning up the TV. I suspect this may not make sense to some people but this is a good thing.

After having slogged though about 50+ hours of this game I will say that it feels like what Zelda was always trying to be. However I do like the more populated games and would love to play something similar to this at the height of Hyrule's prosperity (similar to OoT) at some point. Not because the world feels empty but because I feel that the team has done a great job presenting a world that feels like it has a rich history and has now been ravaged. I want to see that lost world. It is funny, because WW had a similar intent but I didn't feel a longing to see the Hyrule of old in that game.

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Loving this game. I've put just over 110 hours into this game. Do you think I have an addiction?! XD It's so hard going from this to playing the older Zelda games. I'm currently playing ocarina of time on the 3DS for the first time and it feels so limiting. Especially when you can see something that can be interacted with, but have to use a specific item, whilst in this BOTW you have all your abilities with you from the start. Also loving the fact that there are multiple solutions to puzzles. It just feels so nice to be able to solve a puzzle the way I want to rather than some long absurd solution. Although my solutions can also be a bit wacky too!

@Tsurii I'll just say that I don't think you are on the right track

PS: Sorry if that this is a repeated question but how do you do the spoil text thing?

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@jump I think if you beat the game without activating the beasts, but I'm not sure if that's even possible. Haven't been to the castle yet.



@jump Spoilers for the ending criteria first, then the structure of the ending in the second box.

To get the true ending — as far as I am aware — you have to beat every main quest. That is, collecting all of the memories, freeing all of the divine beasts (but not all of the shrines — that is not required), and finding / retrieving the Master Sword.

I won't say what's in the cutscenes, but a cutscene will play after you beat the final boss, and the credits will roll. They're just screenshot / recap credits like The Wind Waker, not cool "where are they now" panning shots like Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, or Twilight Princess. I may be messing up the order of this, but after the credits a scene will play and "the end" will come up on screen. If you meet all of the criteria, another scene will start and end in "the end" again. It's kind of confusing, because it says "the end" twice if you get the true end, and the actual scenes gave me the impression that I only got the basic ending, even though I got all of it.

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@Eric258 ohh...dammit. Now I know what it is tho lel
Thanks. They worded the riddle in German so that the answer would rhyme with the first line and there's two items that do and fit the criteria for the answer.

Dangit. Didn't think of the other thing at all.

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Anyone got any tips on getting 10000 rupees quickly? Im at the stage where I could go and finish the story but I want to mop everything else up first.


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@Octane yeah that was what I was doing last night but as the bad guys have suddenly become much tougher it's becoming a pain. I'm either wasting all my weapons and arrows on them or running away and missing out on the loot. Wandering around the lava pits I probably came across 10 ore deposits last night half of which where flint!


Name the movie quote "Toolshed!"


Make stuff to sell it on, hunt for gourmet meat to sell it, if you've built up 100+ of things like peppers/mushrooms/whatever sell all of them as they are worth something in volume.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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