Topic: What is your "Rainy Day" game?

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It's been raining all day today where I live, and for some reason, whenever it rains I end up playing Animal Crossing.

I'm curious what games people like to play on those rainy days~
Sound off on what your particular "Rainy Day" game of choice is, for the sake of discussion. :3

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The second day of majora's mask.

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When it rains here, I'm usually so enthralled watching it that I don't really think about games.

Then again, the little rain we get every year usually comes from tropical storms or hurricanes so that must explain why it is so entertaining.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Super Mario Sunshine

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It's been raining all day here too .
I usually end up playing games on my iPod I've already finished. Like Ghost trick: phantom detective, Monkey island 1&2, Touch detective 1&2 and ace attorney.
Those make me happy when it's gloomy outside x3.

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Harvest Moon.

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Morphtorok wrote:

When it rains here, I'm usually so enthralled watching it that I don't really think about games.



Happy_Mask wrote:

The second day of majora's mask.

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It rains all the time up here in Seattle so every game is practically a rainy day game for me.

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Animal Crossing will be my rainy day game when I get it. But I live in the UK so my 'rainy day game' is usually just the game I've been playing in general.

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Tetris, Roller Coaster 1/2 and Simcity on turtle mode. Rainy days call for slow passed action.

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I have a rainy day movie but not a game, and that movie is, "Dr. Strangelove."



Majora's Mask because it's mostly dark, scary, and wet.

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It has been raining all day here too.
I like playing Metroid Prime 2 on rainy days, idk why. It must add to the atomosphere or something haha.
I'm actually planning on watching Avengers pretty soon though. I have watched the previous 2 Ironman movies and Avengers tonight, before I see Ironman 3 either tomorrow night or Friday for sure. CAN'T WAIT!

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Tales of Madness 2, making it~ u_u

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