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In honor of the new (and 3rd iteration) version of Cave Story on eShop I thought it would be fun to have a thread of posts from people who's avatars are from Cave Story. Mine is one of the puppies that you have to rescue for the old lady (Jenta? or something like that), only I adjusted it a bit so that it looks like my dog

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Mine is related because it's the one I chose for nlife and they talk about cave Story..

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Mine is Cave Story related because mine is pixel art, and Cave Story has Pixel art.

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wow, random. I don' think a single one of you guys has an avatar that is even Cave Story related (really). But thanks for the posts anyways!

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Mine is cave story related because my personal mii is the HM and I'm enjoying cave story.

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mine is related to cave story because my avatar has a 3ds on it, which is where you can find cave-story


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Mine is Cave Story related in that it is me, and i live in a Cave. That's my Story and i'm sticking to it.

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DarkKnight Batman is like Quote? Unlikely or underdog heroes? Quote was a robot from the surface who apparenlty attacked the mimigas 10 years ago and either was a mimiga sympathizer, or at any rate, lost his memory and became a sympathizer like Curly. Now lets see, how does that compare to Batman?
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I like your analysis ouroborous. xD

Oh my icon is Cave Story related because the dim lighting and steady exposure to unsavory run-off caused my character to develop phosphorescent hair!
Yea... digging deep I know.

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My icon is related to Cave Story because Mario is a Nintendo franchise, and you can play Cave Story on Nintendo devices. And stuff.

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I kinda figured you made this thread Ouroborous.

Cause you're like the only one I know with a Cave Story related avatar.

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Mine is Cave Story related because mine is made out of pixels, and Cave Story has pixels.

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Mine is cave story related because you can wear a santa hat, and it has a santa hat.

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Mine is Cave Story related because of the secret level in Cave Story + for DSi where you get hugged by thousands of Eevee.


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Mine is Cave Story related because... no, I've got nothing

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Mine is like CaveStory only in the same way that America and France are the same (in that one is vastly superior.) My avatar being the America to Cave Story's France. (America being the superior.)

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