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Have there ever been any games you played, that while are considered bad (or underwhelming for it's franchise), you ended up enjoying?

For me it's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: the Crystal Bearers.

Sure, I thought it was a tad short, but for whatever reason I loved everything else about the game (the story, the minigames, the gameplay), and I never seemed to notice how bad the map supposedly was.


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Star Fox Assault - I'll agree it was too short and the controls were clunky, but I still enjoyed it, and multiplayer was a blast.

Space Invaders Get Even - 68 average, and nobody bought the game so it's fair to judge off of that.

Yoshi's Story - Pathetically easy, but decent fun with a nostalgia kick.

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Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper. Reviews have been meh but it's my second most playef Wii U game.

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AmazingPopo_Man wrote:

Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper. Reviews have been meh but it's my second most playef Wii U game.

On a similar note, I felt the same way about Samurai Warriors: Chronicles. It got mediocre reception, from what I remember, but it was my favorite 3DS launch game (even above SSFIV3D).


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Super Mario Sunshine-

Even though its difficulty is a tad unfair and the camera angles can be very tedious, I absolutely loved everything else about it. One of the better Mario games.

Duke Nukem Forever-

By no means is this game fantastic, but the humor is just so funny, it makes every other aspect of the game tolerable.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty-

Of the four main Metal Gear Solid titles, 2 gets the most flack for whatever reason. I honestly think it's better than Snake Eater and is much more important story wise.

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Most of the Warriors games. But then people still think they're button mashers, so I'm pretty sure the "haters" don't even play them any more.

Valhalla Knights series (a couple on the PSP, and Elder Saga on the Wii) - these are pretty hardcore RPGs with a very muted art style that many didn't like. I loved it though.

Yoshi's Story. Why people can't just enjoy this game is beyond me. It's sickeningly cute and innocent fun.


Oh, in addition to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: the Crystal Bearers & Samurai Warriors: Chronicles, I'll also give a mention to Alleyway.

Sure, it's as basic as a Breakout clone can get, but I've found it to be great for pick up & play sessions (it's probably one of my most played 3DS VC titles).


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P.N.03 on Gamecube.
Killer Instinct Gold on N64
Castlevania Circle of The Moon on GBA
Excitetruck on Wii
Moon on DS
Ridge Racer 3D on 3DS
Tank Tank Tank!!! on WiiU

oh and Metroid Other M on Wii

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Some of my fav franchises- F-zero Mario Kart Monster Hunter, Pokemon Waverace 1080 Extreme-G Metroid Resident Evil

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The Simpsons Road Rage. One of my first console games when my dad bought us a PS2, and I had no idea it was a crappy Crazy Taxi clone.
Also, this is going to open up a tonne of hate, but...
Metroid Other M. There, I said it.

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Quite a lot, just to name a few:

-Yoshi (aka Yoshi's Egg aka Mario & Yoshi) (I love this one)
-Super Mario Sunshine
-The GameCube Pokemon games
-Viva Piñanta Pocket Paradise
-That Castlevania they made for the 64 that nobody seemed to like
-Metroid Other M (haven't played it but I have watched the "movie" several times now)
-Cake Ninja Xmas (It found it to be quite fun to play, don't stare at me like that)
-Several Teyon games
-Other games that I liked but I can't remember right now

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Metroid Other M: Really not a bad game aside from weak characters and plot.

Super Paper Mario: There is no other game quite like this one, and I love it.

Super Mario Sunshine: Once again a unique game gets unfairly criticized and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Yoshi's Island DS: People say it doesn't live up to the original, and they're right. But that doesn't make it bad.

Epic Mickey: A game with good ideas but the execution let it down. Still a pretty enjoyable experience though.

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Luigi's Mansion used to get a lot of hate, but not anymore...
Wario World's been said...
Kirby Air Ride! There we go, knew I had something in there...
But the it's easily my favorite racing game, and for good reasons. :3

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Bankai wrote:

Yoshi's Story. Why people can't just enjoy this game is beyond me. It's sickeningly cute and innocent fun.

Agreed. I think the hatred for the game is mostly gone now, I haven't heard people complain about it since...probably the last time someone whined about Luigi's Mansion. History has helped the game.

also Kirby Air Ride at least comes to mind. It is one of the more creative racing games out there and thankfully at least the dislike for the game seems to be from critics (and even then I understand because it's fun for short bursts and never for long playthroughs). It apparently sold quite well, which is cool.

Also, the single player focused Bomberman games. Stuff like 64 and Generations are honestly cool games but no one cares about them or just wants the same multiplayer game. A shame.

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Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Admittedly, my judgement on this game will always be biased since it was my first Kirby game, but I still love the combo powers gimmick. And the music. And the visual style. And the everything.
Luigi's Mansion - I've always really liked this game, although sometimes I feel like it's been called "underrated" so often that it's almost slightly overrated.
Super Mario 64 DS - I think I'm one of maybe five people that enjoyed this game more than the original Super Mario 64. And I loved the original.

I don't feel like I've picked games that are truly disliked by many people, though. At worst, some people thought they were underwhelming.

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I loved CN Punch Time Explosion XL despite the negative reception.

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Although I don't "Like" the games, I never understood why the Sonic Riders titles (besides Free Riders) got flack. They were slightly above-average racing games and some of the levels had neat aesthetics to them.

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All of the post n64 Starfox games, except for Starfox 64 3d.. Also Mario Sunshine, which is my favorite Mario game.

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