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Other M
Epic Mickey 2

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CapnPancakes wrote:

Star Fox Command was actually my first Star Fox game. I rather enjoyed all the multiple paths and endings, plus getting to play as multiple characters like Wolf and Falco was neat.

Yes!! I think it's a great game, I really liked the strategy mechanic of choosing paths for your teammates. I like 64 Lylat wars best though.

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Wii Play
New Super Mario Bros.
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (both episodes)
Sonic Unleashed (Wii/PS2 version)
Super Monkey Ball 3D
Super Paper Mario
Sonic Riders
Pokemon Sapphire

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Dark Void, I really enjoyed that game. I still want a sequel.



TwistedRabbit wrote:

Super Paper Mario

Being much more into action RPGs than I was back when Super Paper Mario released, I think I should give it another shot. I wasn't very fair to it when I first played it as I was expecting turn-based as in Thousand Year Door.

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Red Steel. The only thing that really irked me was not being able to skip cutscenes.

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I think I'll say the NSMB games (although I've only played 1 & Wii).

Okay, they're not critically disliked, and I understand that most of the complaints against the series is more "not up to Mario standards", rather than "these games suck", but I'm going to go ahead and roll with it anyways.

They aren't anything more than just classic Mario style gameplay, but since I really don't expect anything more than that, I'm not dissapointed. (TBH, I find 2D Mario games to be better for "pick up & play", than the 3D games, and think I'd enjoy MSMB2 more than SM3DL)

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Namco Museum compilations, except for the GBA ones, the GBA compilations deserve all the negativity they get. I enjoy all the other Namco Museum compilations though.


CanisWolfred wrote:

CanisWolfred wrote:

I tried to like Star Fox Command, but the strategy stuff just became too much to handle in the harder difficulties.

Also, the story, while enjoyable, was a mess to wrap my head around, IIRC...

You are approaching the topic of this thread, if not quite answering to it.

I-U wrote:

TwistedRabbit wrote:

Super Paper Mario

Being much more into action RPGs than I was back when Super Paper Mario released, I think I should give it another shot. I wasn't very fair to it when I first played it as I was expecting turn-based as in Thousand Year Door.

Curiously, I have the exact same musings - having sold SPM years ago.

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I actually really like Super Paper Mario. It really doesn't deserve the hate it got imo.

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Super Paper Mario
Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Skyward Sword
Donkey Kong Country Returns*
Pokémon Gen 5

These games are a few I feel get either too much hate or hated for stupid reasons.
*DKCR still gets cr*p for the lack of K.Rool. Apparently, some people who want variety don't want changes...

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Super Paper Mario
Castlevania: The Adventure
Wario Land Shake it!
Metroid - (People always seem devided on it.)
Mega Man: Dr.Wily's Revenge
Friday the 13th
Super Mario Land

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Metroid Prime 2
Metroid II: Return of Samus
Super Paper Mario
Sonic Heroes

Most of these have all ready been covered. If I can think of any more I'll add them.

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