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I am certainly guilty of this. And it's the weirdest thing, too, because it's not even a real person! I feel really stupid for ever having a crush on a cartoon character! Maybe I'll feel better if I see that others have done this too. Or maybe I'll feel more stupid after seeing that I'm unique in having done this. But we'll see!
Anyway, here's mine:
I don't know why, but the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl cartoon was always my favorite pokemon cartoon series because it had Dawn in it.
This one's extra weird, because not only is it a cartoon character, it's also a robot! But, I was 12 or something when I used to watch it. So that rationalizes it somehow...?

Anyway, I think there were others, but I can't remember them right now.
(PS: don't tell my girlfriend about this thread! )

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I think everyone had one on Laura Croft back when Tomb Raider came out. - Dayman
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I used to have a crush on Vivi from one piece.

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RancidVomit86 wrote:

I think everyone had one on Laura Croft back when Tomb Raider came out.

I didn't.


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Solid Snake. Liquid Snake. Ocelot...

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I don't fantasize bout fictional characters, I go to this realm called "real life" where real shirtless sexy men are.

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Emeralds wrote:

I don't fantasize bout fictional characters, I go to this realm called "real life" where real shirtless sexy men are.

i know you wont say it here but, its more than obvious you liked the pictures you asked me for.

cant say that i blame ya

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


I've always had a stiffy for Optimus Prime. Oh, and Unicron has nice hips.



Mother Brain is quite possibly the most gorgeous thing to grace this earth.

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No one, but I do hope to find someone who is a lot like Konata Izumi :F:
Dat personality

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Girls from fighting games mostly.

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Cammy's got the nicest A** of any female videogame character.
Jessica in RE: Revelations aint too shabby either.



Vivian from Paper Mario 1000 year door. I just..... uh.... She had Sweet Kiss attack! And excentuated chest.

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