Topic: Cartoon/Video Game Characters You've had a Crush on

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Jinx from teen titans for some reason.

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Samus is also pretty hot..

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I've never had a crush on any video game or cartoon character, but for a 13/14 old male (at the time), I got oddly attached & defensive of the canon relationships of the games/shows I was interested in at the time (which is why I avoid fan fiction, because they mess with those relationships so much, that I get a twisting feeling in my gut just thinking about it).


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Those fingers were made for c̝͚u̜̙͈t̮t͇͈̖̥̗̬̜̦i͖̫͙̭̰n̥̬̭̤͙̹g̘̤ and that's what they will do!...yah I'm just joking, I don't go for fiction characters or at least I won't say because I don't know :3

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3 words Zero Suit Samus!!!

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Well... all I can say is, I was not expecting this thread to start up again! Well... carry on, then, folks!

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Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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