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Want a Traditional RPG, Go with Dragon Quest. Want a stylized action heavy RPG that uses both screens for battle, get TWEWY. Personally, I enjoyed Dragon Quest IV better since I adore the series' simple charm and the spritework and 3D mesh oh so beautifully. But if I were to get one DQ game it would have to be either DQ 5 or 9, with the former being the best of the DQ Zenith trilogy remakes and the latter having a large amount of content.

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CapnPancakes wrote:

So I can't decide between getting The World Ends With You or Dragon Quest 4: Chapters of the Chosen. If anyone could give me a recommendation it would be appreciated.

Oh man, that is a hard decision! Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen was my first exposure to Dragon Quest and I absolutely loved every second of it. For the uninitiated, it is quite awesome for getting into Dragon Quest. It is one of my all time favorite DS games. On the other hand, The World Ends With You also happens to be one of my favorite DS games. TWEWY has a ton of content, great music, story, art style and the combat system is so much fun that you never get bored. Collecting all of the combat pins is a lot of fun, as well. As for DQIV, the story, music and graphics are a lot of fun, but once you beat it, it is hard to go back to. There is very little to do post game, but that should not dissuade you from purchasing it. Honestly, it was one of the most enthralling RPG experiences I have ever had. I played it nonstop when I first purchased it and beat it in a little under a week. Really, it is a matter of what you are in the mood for at the moment. DQIV is the more standard RPG with a timeless story, like a good book, whereas TWEWY breaks typical RPG conventions (you control characters on both screens) and has a narrative more like a good anime or manga. Hopefully this helps! Either way, you are purchasing a really good game!

Edit: I second what @Onikato said, DQV is really good as well. That story... Also, recruiting monsters is a ton of fun.

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Haven't played through DQ IV, but that didn't stop me from enjoying V and VI. Great games. I'd rent before buying The World Ends With You. I didn't like the characters, the dialog, or the combat. my pants.


CrimsonFire13 wrote:

How is Solatorobo: Red the Hunter ??

Very addicting and amazing. It's one of those RPGs that just feels very engaging. Get it!

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Solatorobo is kind of boring. It looks great for a 3d DS game, but the combat is very shallow and the characters and story were all pretty standard stuff for the most part. I did like the Tetris style upgrade system and everyone looks like a popple--so that's something. To me it was all flash and no substance. I know some people who would love a game like this though. It's very colorful and you can coast through it without much of any challenge. It might also make a good starter RPG. Rent it first.

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Anybody know anything about The Dark Spire. I've been looking at the game for a while now and it seems intriguing to me at least. I've had a renewed interest in the DS recently so it seems appropriate for me to look into it.



I liked the Dark Spire alright, I'd rather play Etrian Odyssey though. I know Dark Spire was supposed to have a retro Wizardry sort of theme, but like Mad World I got tired of the lack of colors. There are lots of random encounters and lots of grinding right from the start. I only got through one floor and parts of two others over the course of at least five or six hours--you'll be compelled to play more just to make any kind of progress. Your stats are all randomly generated which is annoying. I had some fun in the Dark Spire but I wouldn't pay too much for it. my pants.


What about Animal Crossing?
Is that good at all?

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Between Dragon Quest IV and The World Ends With You I'd say the latter. DQIV is a great game but the uniqueness of TWEWY has to be enjoy. It takes a bit to appreciate it (not much, maybe an hour) but it is worth that and much more. Very good story, well developed characters, combat variety, fantastic music, very nice graphics, adjustable difficulty on the fly, an awesome game.

Solatorobo is a good game but nothing spectacular. Simple combat, almost unnecesary upgrades, average story....
I'd give it a 6 or a 7. The problem is that there are a lot of better RPGs for the system (TWEWY, all DQ, FF, Radiant Historia, shin Megami Tensei...).

About Animal Crossing, I didn't like it, not even a bit. It baffles me adoration it receives, I don't see anything fun in it :s

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Solatorobo is fantastic.

Supermarioman wrote:

Anybody know anything about The Dark Spire. I've been looking at the game for a while now and it seems intriguing to me at least. I've had a renewed interest in the DS recently so it seems appropriate for me to look into it.

It's a pretty great. I'd actually say I liked it more than the original Etrian Odyssey. It has a great aesthetic and music, and even includes a retro mode (which I didn't use very much, since I had more nightmares from Wizardry than nostalgia). It's combat and skill system is pretty interesting despite being mostly standard. What I liked most was exploring the dungeon. It's large, and full of traps, puzzles, and monsters. It's a game about knowing your limits and using your head to stay alive. That said, it is a very difficult game. You pretty much need one of each of the 4 starter classes just to make it through the first floor, and even the opening area has monster you simply have to run from, or you'll die. On the plus side, you can save anywhere in the dungeon.

I should also mention that the story is surprisingly intriguing, despite not being a big aspect of the game. Oh, and I found the side characters you meet along the way really growing on me.

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Solatorobo is such a great game but what amazed me the most with it is the charm it has. The game's world made me hope the game wouldn't end and the characters were adorable.

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What about these games?

Treasure World
Nervous Brickdown
Big Bang Mini

Do you truly look at things positively? For example, do you look at the glass like it's always full? (Half water, half air.) Or when someone "lets the cat out of the bag," do you think it's because the person felt sorry for the cat stuck in the bag? There is a positive side to almost everything.


@Crazybrain1 - If you can find a copy, I'd recommend Big Bang Mini. Definitely an underrated gem in the DS's library with loads of content.

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CanisWolfred wrote:

Tasuki wrote:

Ok with the release of Super C on the VC it got me thinking I need some more handheld run and gun action. So I was wondering how does Contra 4 compare to the original or Super C. Is it alot different like some of the previous Contra games?

It's a love-letter to the originals, taking what made them good, ramping them up, and adding new features to capitalize on the dual screens. It's not perfect - it's insanely difficult, moreso than the first two in my opinion, even easy will test your patience. This is made worse by the lack of a save feature, which was the main reason I had to sell my copy - I got really far, but I could not turn the game off while playing it, and it's too stressful for me to do all in one sitting. You can leave it on sleep mode, but sometimes when I do that, I kinda just forget it's on.

It's still a fantastic game, though. If they offered saves for at least the lower difficulties, I think it would've been one of the best on the DS. I really outta rebuy it someday...Actually, it's pretty cheap on Amazon right now...only $16.67 w/ Super Saver.

Funny story, Canis, you actually can just exit the game and start from where you were. I do it all the time on my DS.


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@Spanish_Bread - Yoshi's Touch & Go would be my recommendation. There's no emphasis on story, it's not an RPG/Puzzle game, it's definitely a pick-up and play game, highscore based, with nice music and graphics. It's basically a side scrolling Yoshi's Island game but based around surviving as long as possible and getting high scores. It's actually one of my favourite DS games out of something like the 50 I've played because its something I can keep going back to. Yoshi's Island DS was somewhat of a disappointment, but to me this game made up for it. You can also pick it up for a pretty low price used.

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