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bro2dragons wrote:

I'm surprised by how many people are surprised by Balloon Fight's quality. It's always been one of my favorite NES games. It's the best variation of the Joust concept that's ever been made. Given that it's fantastic and addicting and has shown up in Animal Crossing and the VC, I'm just shocked by the fact that so few of you seem to have ever given it a go. It got me more excited for the ambassador program than ANY of the other 9 games when it was announced.

Listen to this dude, peoples. He speaketh the truth fo sho


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I have it on Wii VC so whatever but Balloon Fight is awesome, there is no doubt about that. 2nd most addicting NES game (behind Tetris of course).

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Metroid and Balloon Fight, for me.

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Metroid and the Zelda games I think. Mario is really nice to have too and Yoshi is a great time waster. The rest I could do without. But that might change after the multiplayer patches.

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NES Open Tournament Golf. What can I say? I love golf games.

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I bet you could guess...



In the following order:
NES Open Tournament Golf
Balloon Fight (@baloonman you misspelled balloon btw)
Super Mario Bros.
Wrecking Crew
Ice Climber
DK Jr.
The Legend of Zelda
N/A: Metroid, LoZ 2 because I haven't played either of them.

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@ Kid_A - They are Iron knuckles, Darknuts are in the orignal
My favorite I would say is Metroid tied with Balloon Fight. Since a map made Metroid playable and Balloon Fight just keeps bringing me back. Then I would say the origanl legend of zelda and it's sequal.

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Wreckin Crew... I never played the Nes version but I played a very similar game on the Spectrum and loved it. A great balance of puzzle and platformer.
Yoshi is a fantastic game on a handheld rather than on a home system and I really hope Nintendo will remaster the game specificly for the 3DS with an online mode just like Dr. Mario on the wii.

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I'd have to say The Original LOZ, although there all great!

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Nes Open Golf and Yoshi.

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Last week Nintendo said I would get them this week. I e-mailed them to find out what day this week since I still haven't gotten them and they're like, "Oh, next week." Apparently they were just putting my eligibility request in now. Of course I won't even want them anymore next week because I'll have Star Fox and BIT.TRIP to keep me busy then....

The nerve of some people.

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I think I read somewhere that the ambassador status thing gets updated only once a week or something like that.


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Metriod and SMBs are In a dead tie for first and LOZ is 2nd and LOZ2 is in 3rd.

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GBA Titles: (8 Good title choices)

  • Yoshi's Island - 10/10
  • Minish Cap - 10/10
  • Metroid Fusion - 10/10
  • Warioware Microgames - 9/10
  • Amazing Mirror - 8/10
  • Warioland 4 - 7/10
  • Mario Vs DK - 7/10
  • Fire Emblem 7/10
  • Mario Kart Super Circuit - 6/10
  • F-Zero - 6/10

NES Titles: (3 good title choices)

  • Zelda - 10/10
  • Balloon Fight - 8/10
  • Super Mario Bros - 8/10
  • Wrecking Crew - 6/10
  • Metroid - 5/10
  • Ice Climber - 5/10
  • Yoshi's Egg - 4/10
  • Zelda 2 - 4/10
  • NES Golf - 4/10
  • Donkey Kong Jr - 4/10

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Zelda 1 followed by SMB, balloon fight and wrecking crew seem decent but don't care for the rest to be honest.



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