Topic: What game would you want to be remade for 3DS?

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I have been thinking about all the games in the past, and how amazing many have been. I have also considered that much of the old games quality would be amplified if remade for 3DS. What games do you think would be awsome if remade for the 3DS?

If it's not a game I'm not intrested.


I would love to see a remake of Link to the Past done with Ocarina of Time 3DS's graphics engine. Some of the areas in that game would look so nice in a 3D environment.

Final Fantasy VI is another game I've long wanted to see remade. Given the other remakes in the series, it seems as if it's only a matter of time.



Geist from gamecube, along with any games that would have been great if only for a few adjustments on the cube.

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Luigi's Manshion, KH:BBS, and maybe SM64.

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Dragon Quest I, II, and III, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Majora's Mask, and Starfox Adventures.

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I do not want any remakes or reinventions. The 3DS should be about new IPs and sequels/prequels to existing IPs.



Ocarina of Ti

Um....can't think of any.


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Umm... I want Earthbound. Or Mother 3. Or any Mortal Kombat ever. Just not 3.


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Well hopefully after Ocarina 3D, Nintendo will remake the (superior) Majora's Mask in 3D too. Also, Final Fantasy VI. Second best FF, in my opinion.



tristenj1992 wrote:

Ocarina of Ti

Um....can't think of any.



Dang! Neither can I.

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Idk i would say Pokemon Colosseum

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L.O.Z Windwaker!

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I have never played the original or the sequel for that matter, but I wouldn't mind seeing a revamp of the original Sin and Punishment... I know the game plays with depth a little, so it could be kinda cool? - Find us on facebook too!


Donkey Kong 64!

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warnerdan wrote:

I do not want any remakes or reinventions.

You can close the thread now, no other post is necessary.

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I know this might be a little weird, but I've love to see a remake of all the mini games you got to play in Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 from the N64. They were so addicting and fun when I was a kid! Especially the Lickitung Sushi mini-game! I'm sure they could all integrate a lot of clever StreetPass features.

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