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Thu 3rd Mar 2011

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Singularity commented on Shigeru Miyamoto to Serve as Guest Editor for ...:

I've still got the first issue on my book case somewhere featuring the original DS on the cover, can't believe that was 2006. Remember it being a genuinely great magazine and they always gave some cracking free gifts. Haven't bought it for a few years but I might pick up this special edition.



Singularity commented on Nintendo Download: 17th May 2012 (Europe):

I loved what I played of Origins via the Xbox demo a while back, but I heard it was coming to 3DS and so held out; platformers work much better on the handheld in my opinion (I enjoyed 3D Land more than SMG2 for example, even though the latter was probably objectively the better game), and it'll be nice to see such gorgeous artwork in 3D. I'm still waiting on Mutant Mudds/Samurai Sakurai.



Singularity commented on Review: Pilotwings Resort (3DS):

Perhaps more 'maps' will be released as DLC... if Nintendo finally do DLC. They've got all these features like SpotPass and Sky 3D streaming, but have yet to nail the basic fundamentals of a good online system like a proper online gaming profile, downloadable content, voice chat, a way to message friends quickly and easily, etc.

It's like building with concrete on mood. Impressive for a while, but it can't hold up without proper foundations.



Singularity commented on 3DS Arrives at Nintendo Life:

1up have said that DS games don't look very good on the 3DS, but I think they were being a little pedantic.
Do you think you could check and tell us how DS games look on the 3DS? I'm thinking of trading in my XL to knock a bit off the 3DS price, but won't if I won't be able to play my DS library at the quality I'm used to.