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What feature of the 3DS are you most excited for? Is it, perhaps, the augmented reality? The 3-D capabilities itself? The whole stocked library of games to be released? Or multiple other things that arrive with the handheld? Discuss.

As for me, I must say, it's the whole new set of features and the system that comes BAM! with the handheld at purchase. It's just mind-blowing.

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I am most excited about the 3D capability and the Virtual Console.



The Games, VH, and the fact it will crush the NGP

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Just the games really, or I guess also how the 3D part will look, since I heard it was good amazing, absolutely amazing.

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Yeah, Its the games and the support really. Be it on cartridges, AR cards, VH or even spotpass minigames, they are what Interest me the most. I'm not sure about the 3D effect as I still don't see the enhancement it gives for gaming, but since the reception is mostly positive, I'll take a bite into it, can't wait to see what the fuss is all about.

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The tech should allow for more advanced games to be released, that's really all I care about. Can't say I'm at all excited about the 3D, it tends to give me a headache after just a few minutes when and I'm very sceptical as to what it can actually add to gameplay. But we'll see.



I can see the sense in some games benefiting from the 3D visuals. Platform games where you need to judge distances when jumping into the screen and Pilotwings was certainly nice when I played it being able to place the floating rings you have to fly through a lot more easily.

For me, the 3D is the main thing, but I'm also excited about the old GameBoy classics that will be back. Sadly, like with the Wii VC, it'll probably take years before all my old faves re-appear on the 3DS, but here's hoping anyway!

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The fact that it's the successor to the DS. Sadly, the only game I'll buy for it are games that actually don't bother with the gazillions of gimmicks the damned machine is capable of, just as I did with the DS. All I want from it is a glorified Gameboy, and it looks like there'll be a few games that fit that description.

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Probably the augmented reality feature. Just to see if Nintendo and third party developers include them in some of the games they sell. So the new sonic game can have a sonic augmented reality card.

Second would be the virtual handheld.



1.) Augmented reality. It looks epic and I must try it.
2.) The improved graphics. I know graphics aren't everything and I don't usually hype about it, but the improvement is so drastic I can't help but be excited.
3.) Ocarina of Time. 'Nuff said.

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I'm interested in all the different features that come on board with the 3DS. I'm more interested to see how different developers will utilize the new tools though.

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The look of astonishment it will cause in others faces, as I smash the thing for a youtube vid



Reala wrote:

The look of astonishment it will cause in others faces, as I smash the thing for a youtube vid



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I don't really know. There are so very many things that appeal to me! Obviously, the 3D without glasses is awesome and I can't wait to finally see it in person. StreetPass looks incredible with all the support that is being thrown behind it. The software to come is absolutely stellar. Then there's the eShop wchich looks like it will totally overhaul Nintendo's presence in the online realm. And let's not forget the Augmented Reality! I think that is actually the most appealing thing to me! It just looks so amazing and advanced, I simply cannot wait to get my hands on some augmented reality action! Just 35 more days

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Everything about the 3DS has me very excited. To be precise though I'm really excited about the Augmented Reality aspect of the Nintendo 3DS and of course Street Pass and the Pedometer.

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Paper Mario and the ability to download old Gameboy games that I missed out on when I was a kid. I really don't care about all the 3D stuff, but it might be fun, who knows - I'm just glad I'll be able to turn it off if it turns out I don't like it

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The return of Kid Icarus!!!!! Oh.... and the 3D, too.

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StreetPass and all the control options (basically, potential games).

3D is one of the lowest things on my list. Maybe that will change when I see it.



1. Improved Graphics (if you read my signature, you'll notice that I believe that gameplay>graphics, I still believe this but I am impressed by the improvement)
2. 3D
3. AR
4. Analog
5. Menu
6. Stylus (jk)

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