Topic: Should I get a 3ds if I can't see the 3d?

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It's like seeing a movie. A good movie is going to be good in 2D. If you see it in 3D, it will just be that much cooler.

There aren't going to be any decent regular DS games being released in about a year, most likely. This is the next generation handheld. If you like the games Nintendo is coming out with and want to play them then pick one up. It will be like playing any other modern game on any other system (rendered in 3D, but you don't actually see depth).

Look at the types of games you want and decide what system you want to get based on that.

(Why are there all these iPad 2 vs. 3DS threads anyways - these are such COMPLETELY different machines I can't imagine why someone would be confused over which to buy. Choose based on which machine does what you to do most).

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I tried the 3DS at Target for about 30 mins and after 5 mins the 3D Effects hurt my eyes so the rest of the time I played with the 3D off. I still plan to get the 3DS even though I wont use the 3D Effects. It will eventually offer more than the DSi does now like the VC and netflix so yea even without the 3D effect I still say its worth it.

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Tasuki wrote:

It will eventually offer more than the DSi does now like the VC and netflix so yea even without the 3D effect I still say its worth it.

It already does more than the DSi doesn't it? anyway 3D isn't a major factor (yet) so you aren't going to miss much and hey there are already some games that don't offer 3D and when you buy games with tilt you will not have have to worry about the 3D ruining everything, you can even lock the 3D if you need to.

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Ask yourself "Would I get a Gameboy Color if I was colorblind?" "Would I play Wii if a Classic Controller was the only option?" If the answer is yes, then go for it!

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yoyogamer wrote:

Ask yourself "Would I get a Gameboy Color if I was colorblind?" "Would I play Wii if a Classic Controller was the only option?" If the answer is yes, then go for it!

Well, you kinda need the Wiimote and/or Nunchuck to play Wii games, so that's not the best example...


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The point stands, Tj92. Either answer the OP's question honestly or quit attempting to derail this thread. I've already cleaned it out once (and check your e-mail btw); don't make me do it again plz.

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LOL awesome, TBD strikes again!

The 3D is a gimmick. It may be a great gimmick, but it's far from the thing that makes the device worth owning. Get it if you want to be part of the future of handheld gaming (that future doesn't necessarily involve stereoscopic 3D).

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I have to say I do like that they include an on/off switch for the 3D effect. I mean if it was like the Virtual Boy for example where you couldnt shut it off than I probably wouldnt get it but by having the on/off switch that shows you that they thought of other things other than the 3D effect.

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Well sure I mean the graphics and improved functionality of the system make it fun even without the 3D effect.
And in May and beyond, there's going to be the shop update and other applications (Not to mention awesome games) that will enhance the overall user experience.
Lots of great games > a 3D effect, to be perfectly honest with you

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Absolutely! You can still have fun playing the games in crisp 2D. Plus, you can still experience features you can't find anywhere else, like eShop, Face Raiders, AR Games, StreetPass, SpotPass, and more! 3D is nice, but these cool features are still worth it in good ol' 2D, too.

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Don't get it at $250 if you can't see the 3D. None of the titles are killer apps yet. I'd wait 'till the library is better or there is a price drop.

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Quite honestly, with the choice of an iPad (as you said) and a 3DS without the 3D, I'd go with the iPad and wait until the holiday season to get a 3DS (If possible of course) If you weren't one of the people that picked it up at launch you can obviously live without it, and the iPad will probably give you more enjoyment than the 3DS until the holiday season. The reason I say this is because for the first year the 3DS is out I guarantee the 3D effect is going to be at large with most games that come out, and will fade away later. Same scenario as the Wii. About every Wii game at first had motion controls, and now the best games on the system don't use the very much, and I'm sure it will be the same deal with the 3D on the 3DS. Also, in December many of the big name games and big updates like Netflix and the eShop will have been released for sometime then and there will be plenty for you to choose from. I mean, right now, the 3DS for me is like a waiting game. Right now I own it and I'm waiting until June for Zelda, the only big Nintendo title being released from now until June, which will be my next game purchase. After that I don't know what I'm going to be waiting for. My main point being, the 3DS leaves you wanting more, and as of right now, and probably in June, there is going to be a lot of waiting time in order to get more. By the time the Holiday Season comes around the bend, the 3DS will have a good strong structure, and when you want more, there will be more at your disposal.
The iPad on the other hand, already have that strong structure to them, and every feature the 3DS shares with it, I believe it does better, except for gaming, but one the 3DS right now , there's only 1 or 2 games that I consider worth buying. If think apps will entertain you, it would be the better purchase. The iPad plays Music better, I guarantee the Web Browser is going to work much better than the 3DS one when it comes out, (The wireless is really messed up right now on the 3DS, I can't even turn it off without getting an error code) it plays movies, and has many useful non-gaming apps as well.
So personally, I'd get the iPad for your birthday and wait for later in the year to get a 3DS. I'm positive Nintendo will release some sort of limited edition holiday bundle like normal, and if you get that and don't like the 3DS, you can hold on to it for a year or two and sell it for more money then you bought it for anyway...That's just what I think, because right now, the 3DS is nothing special in my honest opinion, 3D or not.

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zezhyrule wrote:

LuigiTheGreenFire wrote:

price drop

So like 5 years?

actually in a year or 2, he might be able to save about 20 bucks.1 year to wait and not use that incredible device... is it worth it ?

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I agree, as great as the 3D depth is, it's not the "be all - end all" of what the 3DS system is all about.

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Without 3D, there's nothing in the 3DS that truly stands out. The 3D is the main driving force behind the console, and it's the main reason I bought mine and have been nothing short of impressed since I bought it.

The graphics look god awful in 2D mode, especially in Ridge Racer 3D which looks as smooth as butter in 3D, but when you turn that slider down it becomes an absolute jaggy-fest,
However, it may be worth buying a 3DS if there's a game that will interest you, such as Zelda: OoT, I'm sure that even though the graphics may not look as good as they do in 3D, the games will still offer an enjoyable experience, perhaps more so than any other DS console currently on the market.

If I could not see in 3D, I would say the iPad is the better option. You can even get Ridge Racer for much cheaper on the iPad and it has better graphics, controls and content than the 3DS version, but it's not 3D...
I bought my iPad last year in July and have used it every single day since I bought it. I bought my 3DS at a midnight launch on the 24th March, and have had a few days already where I haven't even touched the console.

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of course get it, its amazing even without the 3D besides could you play Kid Icarus Uprising on the normal DS

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Unless a game relied on the 3D, then you shouldn't worry about it. Though the weak launch lineup is what might be the deciding factor for you.


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I am sort of a apple fanboy, the 3ds main flaw is battery life, I use my iPod and phone more than xbox and wii, for the main reason I love portability, but the 3DS is a bit cheaper. ( against the first gen iPad that is now about 300.

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