Topic: Should I get a 3ds if I can't see the 3d?

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LuigiTheGreenFire wrote:

None of the titles are killer apps yet. I'd wait 'till the library is better .

have you heard theres a game called street fighter4 out there? its better than a killer app(it was the reason i purchased the 3ds for this, marrio bros and kid icarus) but street fighter is worth the 250 bucks price and iam not a 3d fan so i play it oldschool 2d

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If I couldn't see the 3D I would wait for the price to drop on the system and more good games to be released, because it just wouldn't quite be worth the $250 to me to be an early adopter of the system.

I'm not really a huge fan of the iPad, but I honestly haven't looked into it that much, because I'm happy using my MacBook.

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