Topic: Has anyone got a streetpass hit in a car?

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I have. In Queens, NY.



I did on vacation. My first MTO streetpass!

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Yeah it was my first streetpass, hopefully I'll get some more when I pick-up my Wii U at launch.

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i got 2 but not sure if it was on the way there to a relative house or on the way back since i had it turned on and was collecting coins but the car wasnt going fast nor was it on the hwy so

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Yes and i wasn't near a store. Unfortunatley he just leached my Puzzle Swap

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I think the real question is whether or not someone has gotten a streetpass hit while skydiving. >:3
Kudos to the first people who manage that. X3

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I'll be impressed if they scuba-streetpass.

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I've gotten several from just riding out; I'd get home and my Mii Plaza would notify me of the hit and I'd think to myself 'what the heck...' each time.

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I streetpassed in a plane, so I think you might could get a hit in the car. I did try to streetpass in Atlanta, GA once and never got a hit though.

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Only once when I left it in the car when I went to Kings Island with a friend of mine and his family. I would have brought it into the park, but my pant's pockets didn't have zippers on them, and I certainly didn't want my 3DS turned into a pile of scrap while riding a coaster. There was only one StreetPass, and not even one that had a new puzzle piece.

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I got a Street Pass sometime b/t 3pm yesterday and 8am this morning while I left my 3DS, fully charged and ON, inside my car's glove compartment. The only two places I went was the grocery store and then home. There's a lot of traffic being detoured to the street I live on so the street pass could have happened while my car was parked at a busy intersection outside my apartment.

All I know is the 31st Street Pass on my 3DS happened while being left in my car and that's pretty awesome, imo.


Never. And I drive by a lot of houses. my pants.


Only one time about a month ago. We were sitting in the parking lot waiting for the trolley & alot of cars drive on the road next to the parking lot & got a streetpass hit while sitting in the car playing my 3ds the green light flashed.

It's only happened once so far.

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Right after I got my 3DS (Last August.)
I set it all up and in the car.
BOOM. street pass. It was pretty awesome.

I usually get a street pass every weekend from a neighbor in the house behind me that I don't know.

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I live in Belize and I'm sure i will never get a streetpass. But I keep streetpass on anyways.. I know some friends with a 3DS but they barely play and when they do wi-fi is off.

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Also in Data Management is Data Transmissions the amount of times data was sent via streetpass.

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I got plenty on highways, going around 40-60 mph, somebody should try exchanging friend codes locally on a highway, now that will be awesome

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