Topic: Has anyone got a streetpass hit in a car?

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Just like the topic says, has anyone here got a streetpass hit when in your car? Ater driving around town for a bit i have yet to get one (alas, i havent gotten any hits at all from walking either) bu i was wondering if anyone did get any.
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I haven't so far. But I keep hoping someone in a car on the highway has a 3DS, since no one else here has one, and I need hits


I'm not sure if driving in a car would provide the right conitions for hits. You know, going 38 mph and all.

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Maybe when stopped at intersections or passing cars going the same way. I think cars also act as Faraday cages to some degree, so it wouldn't be as ideal.

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I read the topic as "Streetpass hit a car" o_O

But no. Sadly :/



Hmm....I find this entire concept very unlikely. Then again, I randomly had someone in another car join in on a Pictochat conversation on the highway....

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Not for me.

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Sorry nothing, but I might get a spotpass riding around in the middle of tulsa....If its like the DSi it won't take very long to find hot spots.

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I got one when i went for a store recently, thats the hit i got so far.

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I was sick of not getting one so I finally rebooted a gamestop store demo unit and setup a mii and then street passed it.



@noend LOL! that's epic, I might do that too

yeah being in Australia sucks for Spotpass/StreePass ... I basically have no chance of ever getting on. I carry mine around all day at university and don't get a single one. And I'm majoring in Game Design. Like seriously, how am I the only one trying this around here!?



Just 2 and theyre from the same person when I slept at his house. i will be taking it to Old Trafford today so hopefully will pick up a few today.



None so far. I think I'm the only one with a 3DS in my town for some odd reason. I see nobody talking about the 3DS in my town, nor do I see anyone bragging about having one.

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no such luck here. nor with walking around for that matter. for shame on my town.

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Nope, not yet but then again I still haven't taken my 3DS outside of my house.



I got 4 hits from 4 different people today! I guess this proves I am not the only person in Colorado with a 3ds!

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No, but if I get one, I wouldn't be sure if it's from a passing car because I take the bus.


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I have never got a hit anywhere and I dought I ever will because I live in AR.

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SonicDialgaBoo wrote:

I have never got a hit anywhere and I dought I ever will because I live in AR.

I'll look for you the next time I use my cards




Still nothing. It'll probably be a year or two until I get one in my town. Can't wait till I travel back east this summer Hope i'll walk by that D.C. group while I'm there.

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