Topic: Has anyone got a streetpass hit in a car?

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Not yet, but hopefully one day.

@Jumbif It depends on how many titles you have that support StreetPass. For example, I have SSF4, SM3DL, MK7, and KI:U as StreetPass games. When sending and recieving data, your 3DS will check for each game, making it take longer. Unless you just like to be complete, I recommend deactivating StreetPass for titles you no longer play to streamline the process.

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Do buses count?

I know for a fact I got a hit from somebody on the street whilst riding the bus, because that somebody was my brother who was not riding the bus with me.



It's entirely possible. The thing is, you have to be optimistic.

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Yeah, I've gotten at least 2 from being in a car. I even got one on an airplane once.

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I've actually gotten 9 out of my 10 street passes (such a small number I know) in the car.

The 1 I got on an airplane.

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Emaan wrote:

The 1 I got on an airplane.

Let's all assume that the streetpass function was strong enough for that other person to be on another aircraft in the sky.
It's more fun that way >:3

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Woah, threadcomancy much?

I'm currently living in a University town in the US - I'd be interested to see how many streetpass hits you get wandering around here. Alas, I don't have a 3DS.

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I've done that at least twice; once on the way to school and once stuck in traffic in downtown Portland.

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Today I got a SP while watching TV in my house

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I think 2 of my 1082 streetpasses were in the car maybe 3...

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Probably about 4 or so.

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Yes I have, I've never seen my 3DS flash green whilst playing in public, but it's happened.

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I get my streetpasses at my highschool. I get at least 4 people a day. And it is usally the same people so I end up getting the hero's leveled up 2 level 7 each. ^-^


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I was driving to a dinner jousting thing in Los Angeles and was in stop and startFreeway traffic and actually recieved two Streetpasses. I did have my 3DS held up since sometimes I shake it while driving to accumulate step points while driving.

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Theoretically I think I got one but it might have been from a house in my neighborhood?


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I have. In Queens, NY.



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