Topic: Has anyone got a streetpass hit in a car?

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I got a Street Pass this morning from someone in a vehicle! All I did was walk from my apartment to my car which, btw, is parked on a fairly busy street. I live where there's a stoplight at the corner and there's always stopped cars on the street in front of my apartment.

I got in my ride and drove the 4 miles to work and noticed I had a green light on my 3DS when I got there. This makes my 2nd Street Pass from someone in a car.

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i once took my dog for a 1 hour walk and did around 6000 steps and somehow got 3 streetpass hits, try taking it in shopping malls/centers

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Sadly No...I live in a small county in Florida.


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Nah, everybody else in my neigborhood owns a vita


Oh thats sucks were i live everyone thinks, there to good to play videogames

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Not in a car.


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I have a couple of times.

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Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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I keep reading the title as "Have you ever been hit by a car in the street?" Not sure how I keep getting that...

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...How, who... what... wow... just... I have no words, and that's surprising.
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No, however while pulled over in the car (by the coast in the UK) I somehow street passed someone from France.

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YES! This has happened to me twice and it was the same person both time. It was on the highway on my way to town so I think they might have been on their way to work or something but yes this has happened to me.

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