Topic: Has anyone got a streetpass hit in a car?

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Machamp_King wrote:

Nah, everybody else in my neigborhood owns a vita


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I got two while driving in Minnesota. One on Hwy 35w going 55mph (presumably someone was driving the same direction as me) my son got it first and yelled that he did from the back seat. Then I most recently got one in a suburban town driving around. It was on the seat next to me when I noticed the green light. It was someone from Japan no less. He was playing Animal Crossing New Leaf! It was pretty awesome!

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I got a Street Pass this morning from someone in a vehicle! All I did was walk from my apartment to my car which, btw, is parked on a fairly busy street. I live where there's a stoplight at the corner and there's always stopped cars on the street in front of my apartment.

I got in my ride and drove the 4 miles to work and noticed I had a green light on my 3DS when I got there. This makes my 2nd Street Pass from someone in a car.

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i once took my dog for a 1 hour walk and did around 6000 steps and somehow got 3 streetpass hits, try taking it in shopping malls/centers

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Sadly No...I live in a small county in Florida.


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SheldonRandoms wrote:

Machamp_King wrote:

Nah, everybody else in my neigborhood owns a vita


Oh thats sucks were i live everyone thinks, there to good to play videogames

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I have a couple of times.

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No, however while pulled over in the car (by the coast in the UK) I somehow street passed someone from France.

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I've got streetpass hits while in the car several times. Once sitting in a parking lot that's close to a busy street with cars constillently & few times in car going to different places like for shopping etc.

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YES! This has happened to me twice and it was the same person both time. It was on the highway on my way to town so I think they might have been on their way to work or something but yes this has happened to me.

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