Nintendo Life Indie Game Quiz

One of the best things about Switch is the enormous library of games from smaller independent developers available on the eShop. Some of them appeared on previous Nintendo platforms and many others made their Nintendo console debut on Switch. Our recent Nintendo Life Indie Spotlight alone featured a whopping 40 upcoming titles, and there's no stop to the flow of incredible indie games coming every week.

The definition of 'indie' game has become increasingly blurry over the years, but generally applies to anything developed by a small team (or individual) independently from the oversight of a larger studio or publisher. The console indie game boom of the 2000s — fuelled primarily by the digital distribution that came about in the Wii / 360 / PS3 era — led to a huge number of incredible smaller-scale games alongside the triple AAA productions from the big developers, and Nintendo gamers have benefitted hugely from having these games on Switch.

But how well do you know your indie games? Test your knowledge with our little quiz which focuses on some of the brightest stars of the indie dev scene over the past couple of decades. Nearly all the games featured below have launched (or are incoming) on Nintendo platforms. How many have you played?

How Well Do You Know Your Indie Games?

The answer is Tim.

Jonathan Blow’s time-bending narrative puzzle-platformer Braid was one of the first breakout indie hits when it launched on Xbox 360 back in 2008. There’s an ‘Anniversary Edition’ coming to Switch and other consoles next year.