Nintendo has shared some key details about the new top-down Zelda game (starring the Princess herself), but there's still a lot of information that hasn't been revealed just yet. Fortunately, one small detail we've now got is the game's file size - revealing just how much space you'll need on your Switch if you're planning on picking up the eShop version.

According to official listings for The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, you'll need around 6GB of free space. Grezzo's 2019 Switch release The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening requires close to the same amount of space. While the new top-down entry is reasonably sized by Switch standards, fortunately, it doesn't match the latest open-world release Tears of the Kingdom.

Echoes of Wisdom might look tiny in scale, but its overworld looks like it could be quite big and has already ignited a lot of speculation. You can learn more about this in our existing story here on Nintendo Life. It seems the game also has amiibo support! If you're looking to learn more about this new chapter in the series, be sure to check out our feature covering 25 things you might have missed.

Will you be getting a digital or physical copy of Echoes of Wisdom when it launches this September? Tell us below.