Tetris 99 F-Zero 99

Nintendo has announced a new Tetris 99 crossover event adding a theme based on its online battle royale racer F-Zero 99.

This event will start later this week on 28th June and runs until 1st July. To unlock this theme, you'll need to participate in the Tetris 99 online mode (which requies a Switch Online subscription) and earn event points. Once you've got 100 event points, this theme is yours to keep.

It features background art, music, and Tetrimino designs inspired by F-Zero 99. Here's a quick look:

This latest Tetris 99 event follows on from cup events for games like Princess Peach: Showtime! and Endless Ocean: Luminous. As for F-Zero 99, it was updated in March - with a new steering assist function and various other content. Nintendo also added the GBA F-Zero game to the NSO in the same month.

Will you be participating in this latest Tetris 99 event? Let us know in the comments.