Hollow Knight
Image: Team Cherry

We're sure that most of you will have picked up Hollow Knight by now, but those who have held back on this magnificent metroidvania can now take it for a spin as a part of Europe's new Nintendo Switch Online free Game Trial.

The trial period begins today (6th June) on the Switch eShop and you can explore the melancholy map of Hallownest to your heart's content for free until 12th June. As the name suggests, this offer is only available for those with an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

You don't need us to tell you how brilliant Hollow Knight is — and even if you don't know, it's best discovered for yourself. Apparently there's some kind of sequel in the works too? This week-long trial could be the perfect opportunity to dive in before that eventually drops...

Six years after its release, Hollow Knight is still only just clicking for some of us. If you've bounced off it before, go on, give it another pop. You'll want to be prepared for when the game which shall not be named finally drops, after all.

Will you be trying out Hollow Knight in this NOS free game trial? Let us know in the comments.

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