Hollow Knight
Image: Team Cherry

Getting 100% completion in Hollow Knight is a momentous achievement. This is a massive Dark Souls-like adventure with a ton of collectibles to find, bosses to beat, and abilities to unearth. It's also really, really hard in places.

That difficulty stems from both the wide variety of bosses you have to conquer, and how well hidden some of the secret areas are. There are also items you can only get if you're really paying attention, and perform specific actions at specific times.

In this guide, we're going to help you complete Hollow Knight 100% by breaking down exactly what contributes to that grand total and then helping you find and do everything.

Hollow Knight - Masks, Soul Vessels, Spells, Abilities, Nail Upgrades & Arts - 36%

Unlocking Masks, Soul Vessels, Spells, Abilities, Nail Upgrades and Arts make up a whopping 36% of your total completion rating in Hollow Knight. Follow the links below to help you find everything.

Hollow Knight - Bosses & Charms - 64%

Bosses & Charms make up the remaining 64%, bringing your total completion percentage to 100.

How are you getting on with Hollow Knight? Has this helped you get closer to 100% completion? Anything else we can help you with? Let us know in the comments section below.