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Ah, the Robot Hero of lore. Many have worked tirelessly, collecting the necessary recipes and crafting items required to build this monstrosity. Owning one is definitely less about utility and more about bragging rights, but any true Animal Crossing: New Horizons enthusiast knows the game isn't over until you've collected (and crafted) it all.

So, are there are any tricks to building this thing a bit faster? Funny you should ask...

Tips and Tricks for Building the Robot Hero Fast in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What is the Robot Hero?

Odaiba Mobile Suit Gundam Robot Statue
Image: Pikist

Honestly - we aren't sure what the Robot Hero is, or what it's even good for... besides lighting up and shooting lasers out of its eyes and looking awesome!

We know that giant robots are a big part of Japanese pop culture, and that's likely the influence behind it - along with the Monster Statue (Godzilla). Besides looking epic battling each other on your beaches, there isn't much else to do with them - but that won't stop us all from trying endlessly to collect the materials necessary to craft them!

Of course, you could just go buy one pre-crafted online - but where's the fun in that?

How do you build the Robot Hero?

First, go ahead and visit the kiosk at Resident Services to redeem a paltry 5,000 Nook Miles for the DIY crafting recipe for the Robot Hero - which will print immediately.

Then, in order to craft this beast, you'll need the following items - a multi-step process ultimately requiring three DIY recipes in total:

  • 30 Rusted Parts
  • 90 Iron Nuggets
  • 10 Gold Nuggets
  • 1 Gold Armor (requires recipe + 8 Gold Nuggets to craft)
  • 1 Rocket (requires recipe + 10 Star Fragments + 20 Iron Nuggets)

While the list above is long enough, and there's an element of luck to getting the Gold Armor DIY recipe. You can obtain it--as with other DIY Recipes--either from villagers, balloons or bottles that wash up on your beach (we got ours from a random balloon).

Gold Armor
Image: Nintendo Life

Getting your hands on the Rocket can also be tricky - the Rocket is one of the recipes randomly obtainable from Celeste.

Arguably, the biggest challenge lies in collecting enough Rusted Parts - a task which could take any diligent player around a year to gather under normal circumstances (with Gulliver or his Pirate Gullivarrr counterpart visiting every-other week, and only one Rusted Part appearing in the Recycling Bin per visit). However, there are a few workarounds...

How can you get Rusted Parts more quickly?

Image: Austin Voigt

Of course, some guides will tell you to simply break all of the rules and time travel to get what you want - however, purists will agree that this will simply ruin your enjoyment of the game in the long run.

Below are a couple of tips to help you collect Rusted Parts more quickly - without technically cheating:

  • Stop Helping Gulliver (Pirate Gullivarrr, too): When Gulliver pays a visit to your island, go ahead and wake him up, listen to his request for help, and then begin digging up his Communicator Parts from the beach. However, don't return them to him - instead, keep them in your pocket until the next day, at which time they will have turned into a whopping five Rusted Parts in your inventory. The same goes for Pirate Gullivarrr - go ahead and find his communicator in the sea - but leave it in your pocket until the next day, without returning it - it, too, will have turned into five Rusted Parts.
  • Get Other Players Involved: Have multiple save files on your island? Use them to your advantage! Each playable character has the opportunity to engage with Gulliver - along with other NPCs - when they visit your island. With a visiting cadence of every 1-2 weeks, and up to eight save files on your island - combined with the trick above - you officially have the opportunity to collect up to 40 Rusted Parts per week - enough to build your Robot Hero, and then some!

And there you have it — the easiest way to build a Robot Hero quickly in Animal Crossing: New Horizons - though we wish you could use it to stomp around and smash things, tbh. Have you built your own? What... did you... do with it? Let us know down below!

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