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Posted by Philip J Reed

A total misfire

From the studio that brought us such eShop disappointments as Zombie Slayer Diox, Samurai G and clear game of the year contender Chuck E. Cheese's Arcade Room, we now get a Western-themed mess called Johnny Hotshot. And it manages to feel almost consciously terrible.

The story of this game is irrelevant, but since the developer saw fit to include a long and sloppily rendered cutscene explaining what happened, we'll let you know that a young man spills some soda on an arcade game and gets sucked into it, which is a scientifically sound plot development if there ever was one. Unfortunately the game he was playing was a really bad one, so now you're stuck with Johnny Hotshot.

Why we'd need a story for what's basically a poorly-designed shooting gallery is beyond us, but there you go.

As Sheriff Hotshot you'll be able to play five smaller shooting galleries — so, wait, there are shooting gallery machines within the shooting gallery machine? — but the majority of players won't bother to play anything more than the first two. After all, additional galleries are only unlocked by perfecting previous ones, which would be a difficult enough task even if the game wasn't so terribly handled. As it stands, investing the time to ace these mini-games is an act of wilful insanity.

Each of the galleries consists of three sub-stages. In the first sub-stage, you'll move a cursor around and shoot targets. In the second sub-stage you'll move a different cursor around and shoot targets. In the third sub-stage you'll move a third cursor around and shoot a different target. It's a similar approach no matter what you'll be doing, and it never gets any more fun.

If there's one thing that unquestionably should work here, it's the controls. After all, aiming and shooting isn't going to be much fun if you don't hit what you're aiming at, and programming a simple cursor shouldn't be all that difficult. Leave it to Johnny Hotshot, then, to show you just how wrong it's possible to get things.

For starters, you don't really move the cursor so much as you snap it to different positions with the circle pad. You can only aim at pre-determined points on the screen, and the cursor "hops" to those spots in a pretty jerky way that's difficult to get used to. What's more, it doesn't even behave in a consistent way; move it left or right and it'll snap back to a central position when you take your thumb off the circle pad. Move it up or down, however, and it won't snap back, making it needlessly difficult to get used to the game's behaviour, particularly in the heat of battle.

You shoot with A and reload with B. That much is fine, but the firing — while it feels responsive — is cheap and spotty. Press A and you'll hear the gun go off, but it may or may not actually hit the target depending upon what the game feels like doing at any given time. Clearly you didn't miss the target since the pre-determined firing points makes that impossible...it's just shoddy programming, and it gets particularly irritating when it prevents you from blasting through a level, which happens often.

However, we are going to give you a very valuable tip: you can fire by tapping representations of the targets on the touch screen. Yes, this Johnny Hotshot has an entire secondary control scheme that is neither mentioned in the game nor the manual. We learned this only after struggling with the terrible analogue controls to the point of madness, and declaring it was impossible to ace certain levels that way. Sure enough it was...you need to tap the touch screen instead, despite the fact that the game explicitly taught us a completely different set of controls. Well done, Johnny Hotshot.

You move from sub-stage to sub-stage when you shoot a special target, which represents the main villain for that gallery. Oddly, though, the game requires you to hit him as early in the match as possible in order to ace the level and therefore unlock the rest. The reason this is strange is that it causes the match to end early, which prevents you from building your score. For a score-attack game, that's a pretty bizarre requirement, and the two goals — finishing the level and getting a high score — are mutually incompatible...something that wasn't taken into account at all when designing the game, and which leaves it feeling like an uncoordinated mess.

What's more, if you miss the target, there's nothing you can do. You simply have to wait out the level until it ends, because it only appears at certain times and if you miss it, you can't move on.

Of course you can reset the level and try again, but doing so requires a lengthy reload as Johnny Hotshot is absolutely packed with loading screens. Precisely what the game is loading we can't say — it's certainly not better graphics, good music or any fun — but it sure loads a lot of it. And as if to add insult to injury, reloading a sub-stage actually requires the game to cycle through the lengthy loading animations for all the previous sub-stages as well. It's absolutely awful design, and considering you'll have to reload many times in order to beat the levels fully, it positively dares you to stop playing.

Additionally, the game won't save your progress automatically; you need to remember to press a "save" button, which brings up another loading screen and then drops you right back at the same "save" button with no confirmation that any progress was retained.

Each of the three sub-stages in each of the galleries offers up to three stars, depending upon how quickly you clear them. If you collect enough stars you can unlock three other galleries, but the barrier for entry here is so steep and the game's interface so difficult to fight through that we can't see many people bothering to do that. Five tiny, sloppily-assembled shooting galleries is a paltry enough package as it is, and most players won't see more than two.

Johnny Hotshot is terrible.


Johnny Hotshot is more than just a bad game; it's a bad game that demands perfection, so that even those adventurous players who are willing to give this a shot are unlikely to see most of it. With a terrible control scheme, absurdly plentiful loading screens and an interface that seemingly keeps trying to shrug you off and discourage you from playing it, this is definitely a download you'll want to let ride into the sunset without you.

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User Comments (39)



Spoony_Tech said:

I guess your back to review crap again. You were doing so well too! Definitely not for me. Thanks for the warning.



Wonder_Ideal said:

UFO Interactive; abducting reviewers' time since Zombie Slayer Diox. Thanks for taking one for the team Phil.



Auracle said:

This just in: UFO strikes the eShop again! If you see anyone claiming to be a hotshot trapped in a video game, run for your life.
PS Do not worry about the fact that he's armed. He wouldn't be able to hit you to save his life.



MikeDanger said:

I knew it. Everyone that defended this lousy excuse for a game made by lousy excuse of a game developer there's your answer UFO sucks.



Mok said:

Best avoided, then. Thanks for the sacrifice of playing it to warn others.



Pikachupwnage said:

As expected UFO doesn't know how to make a good game.

Nintendo should bar them from making games for e-shop.



gojiguy said:

It's a shame that there are so few third parties on the eShop... And it seems like the ones who are taking advantage of the gap in releases are slops like UFO...

I wonder if Capcom, Konami, SEGA, Tecmo Koei, Square Enix, or any other big publishers will look at eShop development...



motang said:

I have Jonny Kung Fu, but which it was just the beat-em up game not a beat-em up game with Game & Watch levels. Going to skip this one.



Linkuini said:

Nah, they're focused on real gaming platforms like the iPhone.

Now who would win in a duel, Johnny Hotshot or Mad Dog McCree?


wah WAH waaaaaaa...



Doobah said:

I was nearly going to buy this.. glad I waited for a review. Ugghh, it sounds terrible.



Bulbousaur said:

UFO Interactive: the worst company to develop for a Nintendo system since Data Design Interactive!

Seriously, Nintendo shouldn't let crap like this on the eShop, or anywhere on their systems for that matter.



Freeon-Leon said:

I think they're the reincarnation of LJN.

And Nintendo shouldn't allow these games to be published, they're just damaging the reputation of the eShop (wich is still pretty good).



Gen0neD said:

After the 3rd degree burn left by JKF, I decided to wait for a review on this one. So glad I did. I think UFO has great concepts but terrible execution. As Johnny Hotshot is here to help prove.



Prof_Clayton said:

Unfortunately this will probably sell copies to helpless little kids, and they'll make money.



RR529 said:

It's a shame, but it's to be expected.

Oh well, I'm saving up for the eventual release of Ikachan, anyways.



sinalefa said:

Prof_Clayton has a point, as no matter how many bad reviews something like this gets, it may still sell. And apparently it sells if UFO is still making new games.

Thankfully we are still getting Crashmo to compensate for all this crap.



grumblegrumble said:

Ah, shucks. Glad i didn't end up downloading it then, even though I tried to a couple of times and my spotty wifi wouldn't permit it. lol. Saved by the spotty wifi!



Barbiegurl777 said:

I really like this it's fun. & has really sharp graphic's like the chuck e cheese wii game they did which is also my favorite. It's fine by me as for playing a while it's challenging & that's what I wanted in the game to be a little challenging. I got a 3 & half star rating in one of the galleries already.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Barbiegurl777 said:


That's a no brainer Johnny HotShot hands down!

Mad Dog Macree I wouldn't give that game to my worst enemy let alone a friend that's how bad that game is.

Johnny hotshot is a 10/10 star game. 2 stars is to low. No offense Phillip good review anyway's.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



WaxxyOne said:

It sounds like 2 is a generous score for this pile of garbage.

Honestly I'd like to go back to the days when Nintendo demanded more from a game they let onto their systems.



Drobotic said:

Only masterworks such as Majora's Mask and Rayman Origins get 10 star reviews.Hmmmm.Cowboy vs. neckless,armless,and legless Rayman.Rayman wins.



Xilef said:

@25thquarterking You claim you respect her opinions, but yoiu clearly don't. There is no such thing as a bad vido game, just different tastes. You can't say say someone don't know anything about video games because he or she likes a game a lot of other people hate. This doesn't go to just you, everyone who has commented on her choices need to learn to respect opinions.



Linkuini said:

What Xilef said. I don't agree with her tastes, either, but there's no need to get all condescending about it.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Well said, @Xilef and @Linkuini.

It's pretty clear from this review alone that @Barbiegurl777 and I have different opinions on this game, and that's okay. She has every right to those opinions, and I'm glad she feels comfortable enough here to share them.

Let's not pick on anyone. Discuss, by all means, but please don't insult! As far as I'm concerned all this means is that she spent money on this game and was glad she did. That sounds to me like good news, regardless of my own feelings about the game!



zipmon said:

@25thquarterking There's certainly nothing wrong with being a 10 year old girl or having different taste in games, and everyone should be able to express their opinions without being attacked. This is Nintendo Life, not a YouTube video comment section.

@Phil Great job as always, and thanks for keeping us out of the line of fire!



ScreenSplitter said:

It's a little depressing devs like this keep churning out games whilst devs who would genuinely do a good job don't get the dev kits from Nintendo. I was hoping the eShop wouldn't be a bastion of crap like DSiWare, but this makes me worry.



RetrogamerFan said:

@Phil Entertaining review, the frustration and anger this game caused you comes accross really well.
I suppose this time last year people were concerned about the quantity of releases on E-shop, i'd prefer quality over quantity any day. Anyway i've got my fingers crossed for Crashmo/Fallblox, really enjoyed Pullblox.

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