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Game & Watch Gallery 2 Review

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Now in colour!

After successfully remaking and re-releasing four Game & Watch games with Mario characters in Game & Watch Gallery, it was only a matter of time before Nintendo selected another bunch to redo. With around 50 different Game & Watch games originally released, there certainly isn't a small pool to pick from, but here we have six simple games with a colour twist.

Of course, the basic idea of Game & Watch remains unchanged. In each game, your aim is simply to get as high a score as possible, without losing all your lives. Lives and score multipliers (if you're doing well) are awarded at certain score tresholds, but likewise you'll also eventually be hit with speed increases and a higher difficulty.

In this second instalment, there are six games to pick from, five of which are initially available while the sixth is unlocked by getting good scores in the others. Naturally, none of the games in this one are carry-overs from the first. You'll start with Chef, Donkey Kong, Helmet, Parachute and Vermin, each of which, just like in the first game, includes both a classic mode faithful to the original handhelds, as well as a modern remake, featuring Mario characters and much improved graphics.

Chef is a bit like Fire: you bounce around food using your skillet, trying not to let any of it hit the floor. In Donkey Kong, you must simply make your way up an obstacle course, removing part of Donkey Kong's platform every time you reach the top and eventually making him fall. Helmet is one of the simplest games in the series — all you have to do is move to the right of the screen and enter a door that periodically opens, while avoiding a garbage barrage raining down from the sky. In Parachute, you must row a boat around to catch parachuting civilians before they fall into the shark-infested waters, and in Vermin you protect a garden from invading critters.

Naturally, just like in the first collection, the modern versions of these games come with some interesting gameplay differences. In some cases they make it easier, but in other cases they'll only complicate things further. For example, in Chef you can now earn lots of bonus points, because Yoshi can be found walking around below you. Feeding him well-cooked food will get you bonus points, though you should avoid completely burning food before giving it to him.

Donkey Kong and Helmet feature several different stages rather than just the one each, and you will have more to deal with than just barrels and falling tools. Like with Fire from the first game, Parachute has different characters who fall at different speeds, and Vermin ups the ante by increasing the number of spots to protect in your garden from five to six.

Once again, doing well in the games will earn you stars, which this time go towards unlocking the sixth and final game, as well as unlocking entries in a Museum mode, where you can read information about some Game & Watch games not included in the package. Getting a lot of stars will also let you play as different characters in the final game, which will change some things dramatically.

One star is earned for every 200 points you earn in any of a game's modes, though you stop earning them after 1000 points, but since each game has four modes there are 20 stars to earn in each game. Getting 1000 points in a modern mode will also unlock a super hard version of modern for that game, for those who want an extreme challenge.

Just like the first time around, the modern versions of the games feature some nice new graphics, while the classic versions are completely faithful and identical to the original releases. The modern versions also come with some catchy music, some of which is sure to stay on your mind for a while.


As with the first game, Game & Watch Gallery 2 features a collection of several highly addictive score based games. There's a lot to do, and with both faithful ports and remakes being included in the same package you're sure to be entertained for a while as you attempt to earn all the stars available. And after that, maybe you can go in for seconds with the super hard difficulties.

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Bass_X0 said:

I downloaded it but it doesn't really have the same appeal to me after playing the GBA version.



chewytapeworm said:

Worth downloading for the modern version of Chef alone. It's the finest Game and Watch remake I've ever played, and super addictive. The classic version of Vermin is also a favourite of mine.



Firejonie said:

I hope this releases in North America soon. We still have to catch up with Block Ball and Wario Land though.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Download confirmed.
Really liked the first one and it's great to see that this is cheaper than the other GBC games. Much better value for money than the DSiWare games especially.



Whopper744 said:

I used to love this game when I had it on my GBC! I may have to dig it out, cause I know the US isn't going to get this anything soon.



Freelance said:

@chewytapeworm, Chef and Mario Bros remakes are the best ones I think. Other than that prefer mostly the original renditions of the other games.

The review fails to mention what is the secret 6th game. Care to tell me what it is?

I already have the DSiware Chef, Helmet and Vermin so I dunno if this is worth it (it's not even out in NA anyway). I would like to play Parachute though and have modern Chef on my 3DS since I dunno if G&W 4 will even come to the Eshop (and if it is, it'd be a long time in coming).

Note: I found out in a Mario Wiki. It's Ball. Don't care much for that, but it sounds cool that Bowser is playable in it. I never knew there even was a modern version of Ball.



LittleIrves said:

I might have said this before, but I REALLY like the fact that they include the slight 3D enhancement to the screen when in full resolution mode. It just feels better, seeing the screen set back into the system, just as it was in the original GB. Fantastic attention to detail, N has.



MT5mith said:

I've never played any Game & Watch games before, so I'll definitely be getting this to see if it's worth the trouble. I can expect myself enjoying these though, seeing as they sound simple and fun games. Just what the 3DS eShop needed, in my book.



welsh_gamer said:

Love this game. I remember being amazed when I discovered the different stages on Helmet and Donkey Kong for the first time and obsessively trying to beat my high scores (especially on Chef) all those years ago. Not a single weak game in this collection in my opinion. Well worth a look!



MeWario said:

Downloaded this 5 days ago and I have already clocked 10 hours on it! I'm freaking loving it, heaps better than the first one as the modern versions are much different to the originals. Modern Helmet is sooooooooooooo addictive. I am really presently surprised by this game, it made me feel like my 10 year old self again haha sigh



eleven59 said:

Wouldn't mind seeing a release of the Zelda watch game and it's modern remake! maybe the smb3 one as well!



TromaDogg said:

Very enjoyable game (just like the first G&W Gallery) and very addictive, but the best is yet to come....G&W Gallery 3 is the best of the series in my honest opinion (and that include G&W Gallery 4 on the GBA). They're all worth getting though, you may not think you'll play these games much, but you will...you'll keep coming back to them time and time again to beat high scores. They're perfect portable pick up and play games.



TheN64Dude said:

@Retro_Hype What about N64? That console had the best game library in history. Wouldn't it be awesome to play games like Super Mario 64 anywhere you want?




Game & Watch Gallery 2 sounds real cool if it ever makes it here to the North American eShop. I never played this game before but loved the 1st Game & Watch Gallery on GAME BOY thanks to the 3DS VC. If this game is as promising as the review makes it seem, then I'm all for this game day 1 as a download the min. it hits the eShop. The one game I can't help but get my mind off of out of this whole group of games is Chef. I think I may have played this on a friend's GAME BOY COLOR back when I was a kid. But then again, I really can't remember if I did or not. All in all, ya great choice of games for this selection.


It would be cool to see a Super Mario Bros. 3 OR The Legend Of Zelda , or heck, maybe even BOTH one day if they ever do get remade. The only way I say now to probably experience those games since they were never made on any GAME BOY , GAME BOY COLOR or GAME BOY ADVANCE is to make them for the 3DSWare. Just like how they made some of the originals onto the 9 Game & Watch DSiWare games we got about 2 years ago.



TheDreamingHawk said:

I really LOVE this series. I hope this one comes very soon, seeing how we are catching up on our 3DS VC finally!



TNLGUY said:

This game always held a special place in my heart after my first Game Boy was stolen with the first gallery loaded in. Great series, and this one's better than the first.



TheDreamingHawk said:

@PlatinumGamerX If you don't mind lag.

Going to pick this one up today. I love Game and watch so much, and I am glad they already released galleries 1 and 2. Hopefully we will get galleries 3 and 4 soon!



Nintendo_Fan1 said:

Its funny how people kept saying "Theres now way this is coming to North America!" and look what happened.....IT MADE IT TO NORTH AMERICAN eSHOP! :T



iBazly said:

I'm a bit confused by this review! You don't seem to point out any negatives about the game but then give it an 8/10! I would give this game a 9 easily: the games are very addictive and whether you want to aim for the high score or just aim to unlock everything, there is a lot to do! The game is basically 11 games in one! In fact, the modern versions of Parachute, Helmet, and Chef alone make it worth the cost!

Not saying this was a bad review, I'm just wondering what your reasoning was for it not getting two more points, because I don't think it's clear!



iBazly said:

EDIT: Make that 14 games in one. I didn't realize there were more versions of "Ball". Plus so much more, now that I think about it! This game is massive!



seluropnek said:

The only issue I really have with this one is that you need a link cable to connect to the first game in order to unlock everything in the museum, and there's no equivalent functionality here. Sure, it's nothing terribly special, but I hate being taunted by question marks.

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