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Sun 3rd May 2009

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seluropnek commented on Review: Game & Watch Gallery 2 (3DS eShop):

The only issue I really have with this one is that you need a link cable to connect to the first game in order to unlock everything in the museum, and there's no equivalent functionality here. Sure, it's nothing terribly special, but I hate being taunted by question marks.



seluropnek commented on Review: Virtual Boy Wario Land (Virtual Boy):

This review neglects to mention that if you beat it and get all the treasure, it unlocks a new hard mode that's quite awesome (and has it's own ending). Despite not having a lot of levels, the replay value here is killer.



seluropnek commented on Review: Teleroboxer (Virtual Boy):

Crazy man, I love this game! It's a freakin' blast. Yes, it's pretty easy, but it's really fun to play and is one of the few games that actually really takes advantage of the controller in an intuitive way.

The Virtual Boy rules - this is making me want to bust it out again.



seluropnek commented on Review: Mario Clash (Virtual Boy):

I liked this game when it came out, but got really bored with it pretty quickly. It can get damn frustrating, and it's a little too old school for its own good - there's just no real incentive to keep playing.