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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

A significant improvement over a trivial predecessor.

One of the very first Wiiware titles at launch gets a much-needed sequel in TV Show King 2. The original was a decent trivia vehicle that we thought was okay, if somewhat overpriced for what it offered. There was so much room for improvement that we were glad this got a second chance. But is TV Show King the Second a worthy heir to its father’s throne?

The original TV Show King released along with Wiiware back in May of 2008. We were unimpressed and branded it “amateurish” and criticized its graphics and jerky frame rate. But one of our biggest problems with the game was that it is simply not much fun to play a trivia game by yourself. As a result, online play is absolutely essential to ones enjoyment of a game like TV Show King as online play is becoming the norm for multiplayer games today.

It would seem Gameloft agreed, and the sequel now features fully integrated online play. All of the game modes and features available in single player and local multiplayer are available online both with friends as well as in random matches. The inclusion of this feature alone renders the first game obsolete. Connection speeds were fast and we observed no lag between the time we selected an answer and the time it showed up onscreen. The only downside is that, as with most Wiiware online games, finding a random match to join is, well, random and players cannot expect to find a game every time they log in. As a result, friend based online play is your best bet. To that end, TV Show King 2 gets things right by making it easy for you to exchange friend codes by displaying your own friend code on the same screen that you enter your friends’ friend codes.

An additional online feature is the ability to write your own questions and submit them for others to download onto their Wiis. As if the increase from 3,000 to 8,000 questions included with the game was not enough, players now have access to a seemingly infinite supply of questions. There are some limitations, however. You may only download 50 questions at a time, the selection is random, and you must manually delete them and replace them with a new download when you’re ready for more. The problem with this is that it is unclear which questions are the user generated ones and which ones came with the game. There is nothing to distinguish them, and so you won’t necessarily know when you’ve used up all of your user-generated questions.

The game claims that when you upload a question it is submitted for “review”. We presume this means that questions are vetted for accuracy, bias, legal liability such as Trademark and Libel issues, as well as for rude language and profanity. However, the logical part of our collective brains tells us that there is no way that anyone is devoting that much time and energy to a downloadable game that sells to a niche population for 800 Wii points. So we tested this so-called vetting system by submitting a question that praised Midnight Bowling for its realistic bowling mechanics, contained libelous accusations against the mothers of the developers at Gameloft, and also happened to be full of exaggerated, over the top profanities which we will not repeat here. Unfortunately, there is no way to know if our question made it through the system. But if you should happen to spot such a question in the wild, feel free to let us know in the comments section.

Fortunately, the user generated comments feature can be turned off, thus eliminating any concern regarding the quality of such questions. Additional options included the usual audio selections, as well as the option to turn off the wheel spinning mini game.

The wheel spinning mini game played in between each round of questions turns this trivia game into something of a Wheel of Fortune or Press Your Luck style game by including random chance in the game. Requiring none of the skill required to play trivia, this feature allows weaker players to have a chance to catch up with stronger players and keeps the outcome of the game in doubt up to the end. Strong trivia players may turn up their noses at it and wish to turn it off. But everyone else will likely appreciate this feature as a way to keep things exciting, especially when not everyone playing has the same level of skill at trivia games.

The graphics appear to be the same as last time around. We were perhaps a bit hard on the previous game, as the graphics look pretty good for the average Wiiware game. We also didn’t notice any jerky motion as reported in the first game, although the hosts voice is still out of sync with his mouth. He also has an odd habit of telling his female co host to “tell” us what everyone’s score is even though she does not appear to have any recorded dialog.

One of the features we liked best about the first TV Show King was the Mii integration. Although much talked about when the Wii was introduced, games that make full and meaningful use of Miis have been few and far between. And so we still get a kick out of seeing Miis not only playing the game, but populating the audience as well. That feature is back in this sequel and we’re glad to see it.

Players can use the same Mii from game to game and keep track of their stats as well as unlock Xbox style “achievements” as they play. Some of the achievements are straightforward and will happen automatically from playing. Others, such as the achievement that can only be earned by your opponent missing every question seem to require the complicity of a friend. Still, as an added bonus they encourage repeat play, and dovetail nicely into the usual unlockable bonuses, which are mainly unique podiums to stand behind.


There’s so much more that could be said about TV Show King 2 than what we have room for. The game has been improved and expanded across the board. Additional expansions upon the original formula that we didn’t even touch on include more question categories, new mini games to help shake things up in between trivia questions, and even more game modes of play (although you’ll likely just spend most of your time in “classic” mode). And all of it delivered at a cheaper price point, too.

TV Show King 2 takes a skin and bones first entry and nurses it back to health to make for a far more satisfying trivia game that successfully replaces its predecessor. Although not quite perfected yet, there’s not much left to improve. A long lasting and satisfying trivia experience for experienced players and an accessible entry point for those new to the genre awaits those willing to give this series a second chance.

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Yarox said:

Cool, i think ill get this one when it hits Holland. Nothing like a fun party game for this cold days.



tassakos said:

thank you for this review.. sounds like it is more than worth the 800 points..
i'm a fan of family feud and the price is right games and this sounds even better with all the features.
going to get it when it comes to the EU.



Roebuck said:

I have this, and it is really fun. I like how frequently you unlock thr trophies and pillars and especially the online play and submitting questions.



DarkEdi said:

I liked the first game but it was for multiplayer only because it was very simple. I think i DL this for more party.



Strofan7 said:

So how hard are the questions? Because from the screenshots I see what continent is italy in and that is just way too easy...is this a childrens game with all simple questions or is there a good mix?




My question is do you need 4 wiimotes to play with 4 people? Or is it turn based with one wiimote? I only have 2 Wiimotes but i would like to play with my family of four. Can you use gamecube controllers becuase i also have two of those?



Crunc said:

FYI, the Xbox 360 game 1 vs. 100 can't even get lip syncing right, and that's not just for the live host of the show, but the pre-recorded voice of the hostess.

One thing I'm unclear on about this game - does the title imply that all the trivia questions are about TV shows, or is it general trivia, or what?



count_chocula said:

Hmmm I tend to agree with ATRUEZELDAFAN, this all hinges on support of the Nunchuk, then we can get down to some 4 player trivia action. Anybody know if it is supported?



Gabbo said:

There's just no way this game could be played in turns. Your score is based on the order in which you selected the right answer.

there are 3 skill levels. The questions seem to be more challenging this time around, as well as more diverse. I will be interested to find out if they localize the sports questions for Europe though. Right now they're all American football and baseball and such.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

"The problem with this is that it is unclear which questions are the user generated ones and which ones came with the game. There is nothing to distinguish them, and so you won’t necessarily know when you’ve used up all of your user-generated questions."

Actually, user-generated questions display a symbol in the middle above the timer showing the logo of the Creator Mode.



Wiiloveit said:

@Gabbo: I would suspect that they will localize it, because in previous editions of the game it's had questions specifically about UK pop culture and such.




For the first game I was more inclined to agree with the ONM revw score of 80%. it did what it set out to do and did it warely well. The second reads and sounds alot better. I look forward to downloading it. Most of the retail gameshow style video games on the DS and Wii are poor and I think there are quite a few!



Objection said:

Sounds like a massive improvement that seems pretty tempting. I'll liekly pick it up soon.



jhuhn said:

I really like the online competition and where we can submit questions online that can be used as actual questions for TV Show King 2.



TKOWL said:

People fixing the original game's problems for their sequel! What a novel concept!



Porky said:

I won't get this because I know Ill play the same people (ehem Trooper ehem)



bro2dragons said:

this is SO tempting. sounds like good fun, but the replay value of any trivia game (even something like trivial pursuit) is just so low... once you've gone through all the questions twice (if that), there's no real reason to play anymore. and it is for that reason i'll be passing on this one.



DarkEdi said:

A one more thing nobody said about first TV Show: i´m from México and it had spanish text and voices. I´m pretty sure this will have too. For me it´s a point extra the language because Smarty Pants is all in english and i can´t play it with older/younger people by language barrier.



Wiiloveit said:

One thing I don't like about this is how you depict the first game, especially with this quote:

"But one of our biggest problems with the game was that it is simply not much fun to play a trivia game by yourself."

You say this as though local multiplayer wasn't included (which it was), and it's also where the game really shines, so it's quite appalling that you don't even acknowledge that this even exists.



Daemon said:

@Wiiloveit - Chill, dude, it's doubtful anyone interested in the first game would judge it by a review of the sequel.

I hope this isn't the last time we see an improvement on a promising concept that fell just short. I want to support the developer just to praise them for acknowledging where improvements were needed, and not just shovelling out the same game with 3,000 new questions.



oldkid said:

I got it last night and it's a really funny game.
I wonder one thing though. The online is said to be global which means that the same question displays on your opponent's screen even if he plays in a different language. But a lot of questions are localized, so what does the game do? Does it switch them off everytime that happens or send 2 "equivalent" questions to the players? I'm not sure here.

And to make it clear about downloadable question packs, they never replace the game core 8,000 questions, they're just an optional addition.

Good luck everybody, and if you see some tricky questions about Avatar the movie, blame it on me.



Gabbo said:

It's not how I depicted the first game though. I didn't actually review the first one. That is a pretty accurate synopsis of that review, though. Minus the discussion of Hungry Hungry Hippos of course. But the review clearly did address local multiplayer.

It's all pointless now, though, as I can't imagine why anyone would buy that one now that this is available.

Here's a bit of trivia. The review for TV Show King 1 was reviewer Collin's one and only review for Wiiwareworld.com.



Dazza said:

@Gabbo - That's a good observation. I wonder what became of Collin. I never heard from him after his debut! Oh well, I'm glad that you and Corbie have stuck around for so long



tassakos said:

my friend code is: 1935-1519-5685 (tassakos)
got it yesterday, dotomon we played one last man standing yesterday and you won hehe



PepijnP said:

Question: Your self made question, can you onlt sumbit them or can you use them in your own game too?



Bugpy said:

Loved the first one, though it had some annoying parts to it. Though they are now fixed in the 2nd one and absolutely adore this game! Great to play with the family, a real laugh!!!



LGamer said:

This is absolutely a very fun game. It's almost a must-have for all Americans and English people. But people (like me) who do not speak English at home, is it very hard to play this game with your little brother/sister or with your parents and friends, because most of this people doesn't understand English :S

So, I have bought this game and I love it! It's only too bad that there is no Dutch version (TV Show King 1 was Dutch!), so I think that's something to improve in the (hopefully) upcoming TV Show King 3



LAZ said:

I hate it when people jerk around and keep pounding on the start now/don't start now button. if you want to play - PLAY.....some d&cks out there...they should put in on option to have the people that WANT to play play and kick the other out......or ignore them.....also I only bought this game 24 hrs ago and I have had the same questions repeat 3-4 times...WTF????



catalyst13 said:

Good review and I agree with it. I bought this game and gifted it to 3 other wiis so that I could play online with them. My friend code is 1462-6905-1181 if anyone wants to play with me.



vivy80 said:

Love this game, had it since last night but haven't been able to get an online game which i know would be so much more fun. Please add my friend code 0603-7427-7188 if you would like to play



GypsyQueen said:

I started playing online today but sometimes it takes forever for a game to.start. I just added tassakos and catalyst. Please add me: Friend code
Email me to add me gypsy.queen@royal.net



blackknight77 said:

I have heard nothing but positive comments about this game. Perhaps I will pick it up. One of my favorite games on the PC was Who Wants to be a Millionare, so I'm sure I will enjoy this as well.



rhythmheavenfan said:

I liked the first one quite a lot, and it seems that this sequel has more than improved upon the chinks in the first game's armor, so I'll definitely have to consider buying this soon.



Ste said:

I got the first, and since it is a trivia game i didn't mind the off timed speaking of jerry or the sometimes slow frame rate, but in the new one can you still see how everyone else answers , i thought that was the worst part.

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