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Fri 11th Dec 2009

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Daemon commented on Nintendo Reveals New Kirby Platformer for Wii ...:

The video seems to suggest that Kirby will have access to a gigantic sword, and be able to suck in roughly everything.

As Kirby gains in power, I fear escallation will spawn the anti-Kirby, and those will be dark days indeed.



Daemon commented on What Do You Make of This 3DS Prototype?:

While this particular model doesn't appeal quite as much as the final 3DS design, the idea of interchangable controls is very appealing. The downside -- how long before people started losing them, through carelessness or them wearing loose? The upside -- potential for some interesting games with two circle pads, and Mad Catz and others would release a host of 3rd party control nubbins.



Daemon commented on Taz's Appetite Expands Onto The DS:

There's something special about the way WB keep bringing back their characters, even long after their popularity peak. Makes me happy in a nostalgic way.

Gotta admit, though, I'm dubious about the "action style 3D game". That could go either way.



Daemon commented on Review: TV Show King 2 (WiiWare):

@Wiiloveit - Chill, dude, it's doubtful anyone interested in the first game would judge it by a review of the sequel.

I hope this isn't the last time we see an improvement on a promising concept that fell just short. I want to support the developer just to praise them for acknowledging where improvements were needed, and not just shovelling out the same game with 3,000 new questions.



Daemon commented on Review: Starship Patrol (DSiWare):

That squared paper look is seriously compelling. Really wishing I had a DSi about now, that's got to be an insta-buy in my books.

Enjoyable review, thanks!



Daemon commented on Review: Rayman (DSiWare):

omg i cant stand it... ive never played this game but ign once made my puppy come back to life and they liked it so i would score it 11 !!!!

P.S. Seriously, though, I thoroughly support Panda's choice of a low score if the game is indeed flawed and doesn't live up to today's standards, regardless of what our grandparents said in their reviews.

P.P.S. Um, hi everyone, this is my first post.