Palutena in Ultimate

Apart from Persona 5's Joker, we still don't know anything about the upcoming DLC fighters being added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While there's been a number of developing rumours about possible characters who could be added, there's been no other information about what to expect.

Until now, that is. In Masahiro Sakurai's most recent feature within Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, it's reportedly been confirmed the five upcoming DLC fighters in Ultimate will not have their own custom recordings or sequences for Palutena's Guidance. No reasoning for this decision was provided.

For the uninformed, Palutena's Guidance is essentially an easter egg in Smash Bros. Ultimate where characters from Kid Icarus: Uprising talk about a specific fighter when Pit uses his downwards taunt on Palutena's Temple stage.

The decision to not include recordings for the DLC fighters in Ultimate is somewhat of a surprise after it was recently confirmed the bonus fighter Piranha Plant received its own sequence. In saying this, the situation is now likely to be the same as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, where additional characters received a generic sequence.

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