The Nintendo Switch sits in an interesting place in the broader console race; though it isn’t nearly as powerful as its competitors, the portable nature of it adds a whole new kind of appeal that sets it wholly apart. Even so, it’s more or less become expected that any major AAA games that make it to the device will be making some compromises in the process; there are few, if any, examples of the Switch version looking the prettiest.

The LEGO games have never been known for pushing hardware limits, but it’s reassuring to see that the upcoming release of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 on the Switch will be the exact same game that other platforms will be receiving. In a talk with Fansided, Arthur Parsons of TT Games talked briefly about how LEGO games have historically been altered for the Nintendo release, be it less characters, less DLC, or a shorter story mode. He was keen to point out that the Switch version will have no such shortcomings; if anything, it’ll be the better version due to the readiness of co-op through split Joy-Con play.

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