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United Kingdom

Sat 7th January, 2012

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Scapetti commented on Download: Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire...:

Thanks to this download I actually lost everything on my SD card

There wasn't enough room on my SD card so I tried to put it in my macbook to delete some music files I put on there back when I had a windows laptop. I don't know if it was because I switched from a windows to a mac or because my sd card slot is faulty, or maybe a combination of both but loads of my data became corrupt!

Copied it over to my laptop before formatting it but it was too late, the copied files are corrupt. I tried to restore some saves, I've been having half luck, some game saves work, some don't, and trying to restore the lot at once crashes the whole database.

So rather than going through and trying to find those pesky corrupt files and every time I put it in my mac running the risk of it simply corrupting all over again. I fear I am just going to have to start over... all those game saves........ I had... hundreds.....

Buying a new 16GB SD card so I never have to take it out my 3DS again. So depressing...

But... thank you for the code... you didn't know.. it's not your fault... I can't.. I can't blame you.. I am sorry