As if announcing three new Yo-Kai Watch titles wasn't enough, Level-5 has today revealed its next big "cross-media" venture, The Snack World.

A multimedia effort which will see Level-5 collaborate with Takara Tomy, TV Tokyo and CoroCoro Comics, The Snack World will cover movies, manga, toys and video games. The title hasn't been confirmed for the west, but it's interesting to note that the Japanese website has an English section "coming soon".

The toys will use NFC tech to unlock content - such as items and weapons - in the game, which is coming to 3DS, Android and iOS. The toys are like key rings, and come in cute little treasure boxes:

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The game was shown running on both Nintendo's console and a smartphone - the latter of which looked much prettier, but is perhaps a little less stable - it crashed during the presentation:

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Image credits: NiNTENDOMiNATiON