While many are assuming it's a foregone conclusion that this year's Disney Infinity update will introduce the Star Wars franchise, there are actually many other directions Disney could take. However, for the time being at least it looks as if Disney is going to take the predicted - and perhaps desired - route.

More fuel was added to this fire today with a user-generated Toy Box turning up in the download area that included a rather special item, Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder. It seems that this is a special unlock for collecting and upgrading all this year's characters. This would make sense as collecting all the original toys resulted in the special Lightsaber item last year.

As you can see from this Wii U footage, the Landspeeder is sculpted in cartoon form and gives something of a hint about what a cartoony Disney Infinity rendition of Star Wars may look like. Perhaps the bigger question is how all that huge amount of material would be handled in the game.

Will we get a Play-Set adventure for each episode, and which episodes will they start with (Episode IV, surely)? Then there's the question around which characters will be included and whether they will all be able to cross over from one campaign to the other (unlike the more restrictive original game).

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