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Video: Watch Us Test Drive The Three New Mercedes-Benz Cars In Mario Kart 8

Posted by Damien McFerran

A scenic drive through the Mushroom Kingdom

Mario Kart 8's Mercedes-Benz DLC is now live, and we've wasted no time in getting behind the wheel of these iconic vehicles and burning some rubber around the game's various courses.

You can view the resultant footage below — be sure to look out for the awesome glowing effect on each car when it engages its anti-gravity mode. Mercedes should totally add that feature to its real-life cars, if only for our personal benefit.

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X_Octo said:

I've already adopted one of the bodies into my main set-up. It sacrifices barely any speed in exchange for improving absolutely everything else. It's awesome.



ikki5 said:

The Skinny one looks so dumb with Bowser

I laughed at the they should add the glowing effect on the cars in real life however, there are a lot of places in, at least in Canada, where glowing effects are illegal on cars as they apparently distract other drivers.



Inkling said:

I've got my new setup.

Orange Yoshi in the GLA with GLA wheels and MKTV glider

P.S NintendoLife it's Nintendo's 125th Birthday!



WanderingPB said:

Im only interested in the Arrow cuz my Yoshi just looks to damn good winning in it!!! As for the other its a nice option but im fine without them. This DLC doesnt bother me because its optional but the other DLC cant get here soon enough…is it November yet???

@Damo i cant help but laugh cuz its like u just did a Hadoken to Splatom then politely walked away LOL!



gage_wolf said:

Welp, as I pretty much figured the Mercedes karts look pretty friggin' stupid... Instead of complaining I'll settle for not downloading them and a disappointed nod. I'm fine if this as far as Nintendo goes for in-game advertising... if I happen to fly over a McDonalds in the new Star Fox I'm gonna lose it.



Sir_JBizzle said:

Playing around with them in game, they don't look all that bad in the least! Not to mention they handle like a dream. I do wish you could change the color, but I'm just nitpicking.



Kirk said:

Still think this particular Mercedes sponsored DLC feels a bit dirty. At least it's free, I guess.



Luna-Harmony said:

I hope the new dlc in nov and 2015 has 200cc and more levels as the main single player was very short and took half a week to clock 150cc mirror and normal mode with all stars.



DarkKirby said:

More than the Mercedes DLC I want to know how much Mercedes paid Nintendo to do this.



Kosmo said:

I can't wait to throw a Luigi Death Stare from my Mercedes...




Danny429 said:

Mercedes should add which part to their cars, the glowing or the anti-gravity?



DefHalan said:

This makes me wonder how NintendoLife is going to handle DLC reviews, or do they already have a way of doing it?



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm glad to see at least one of the cars has character decals on it, but I do wish they all did - surely the new model could have had them on the doors or bonnet?

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