Just recently we've had the exciting news that extensive DLC is coming to Mario Kart 8, the details ultimately accompanying the imminent arrival of the game's update and free Mercedes DLC.

Nintendo's now unleashed plenty of details with the scheduled update and Mercedes content. It's worth noting that, at the time of writing, the game didn't immediately auto-update, yet we went into the game's page in the eShop to discover that an add-on content menu has appeared. Once selected there four DLC packs, which is the Mercedes free DLC and three pre-order options.

E Shop ONE
E Shop1

At this stage the pre-orders for the November and May 2015 DLC packs have a minimum file size of 256KB (Update: downloading both packs when released will account for around 2GB of disc space). We've asked Nintendo for clarification.

Though the game will likely auto-update soon without the need to pick up the Mercedes DLC, in our case once that was downloaded and installed the title triggered its relatively small update. As you can see below there are a number of changes in version 2.0, including an in-game Shop menu, while roster select areas now have entries for the confirmed additional characters; these trigger info pages, some of which you can see below, which lead to an integrated eShop menu.

In Game Menu
DLC Info
DLC Info2
DLC Integrated

The Mercedes karts are included within the customisable vehicles — three vehicles and a set of wheels. As for the update, the much-desired on-screen radar is triggered with Select in a race, and the game remembers your setting to have it on or off.

It's all looking good at this stage, but let us know what you think of the update and Mercedes DLC.